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Thursday 25th August 2005
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This week we are hilighting a video showing a purported ALIEN FISH. Watch the video and you be the judge. Once again we have four breaking news stories. NASA awarded two $28 million contracts to produce paper studies for the shuttle replacement vehicle. We have a story that states that 'Out-of-Body' experiences may be all in your head. Next we have story that claims a Quebec innkeeper has proof of a legendary lake monster, and finally to be balanced we have Chinese experts stating that there are no such things as 'lake monsters'. Take a few minutes and check out the new books added to the Book Review section. Enjoy!
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NASA Launches Startups for Ships

NASA Launches Startups for Ships Last month, just before the space shuttle fleet was grounded once again over safety concerns, NASA awarded two $28 million contracts to produce paper studies for a replacement vehicle. NASA will pick a winner early next year, handing either Lockheed Martin or a team made up of Boeing and Northrop Grumman a multibillion-dollar contract that will decide the fate of the agency's manned spaceflight program for decades to come. Or will it? Read more.

Paranormal, Religious, Scientific Non-Fiction: Is ET Here? Robert Trundle ; Heavenly Lights, Joaquim Fernandes & Fina d'Armada ; Side Effect, Enola Nicks ; Jesus, King of Israel ; Before the Da Vinci Code, J.S. Tyson. www.eccenova.com

Quebecer claims to have photos of lake monster

Quebecer claims to have photos of lake monster

A Quebec innkeeper claims to have picture proof that the legendary monster of Lake Massawippi exists. Although it doesn't enjoy the status of Ogopogo, the country's most famous water monster "Whippy" has been alive in local monster folklore. Read more.

Chinese experts: no such things as 'lake monsters'

Chinese experts: no such things as 'lake monsters'

Rumor about "monstrous beast in lake" is the topic of much discussion among many people. Whether it is in Loch Ness, or in Tianchi of Changbaishan Mountain and in Kenas Lake, the "mystical appearance" of these "animals" each time will invariably draw the attention of natural lovers. However, scientists say with certainty that there simply can't be so-called "lake monster" in the world. Story continues.

'Out-of-body' experiences may come from within

'Out-of-body' experiences may come from withinSPsychologists at The University of Manchester are investigating the idea that out-of-body experiences, commonly thought of as paranormal phenomena, may in fact have their roots in how people perceive and experience their own bodies. Find out more.

Bonus Story for Newsletter Readers
Da Vinci Code spells disaster for Rosslyn Chapel

Da Vinci Code spells disaster for Rosslyn Chapel

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