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UFODigest Newsletter August 28, 2008
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It was his first time at this convention, and on the first day he heard someone yell out the number, '34!' Everyone burst out laughing. He thought that was kind of strange. Then someone yelled out, '87,' and again everyone started More....

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Great Sacandaga Lake UFO
This week we present a UFO video and exclusive photos, beginning with Brett Allen's Great Sacandaga Lake UFO and then we report on a UFO over Kaneohe Marine Base and a fascinating report on a Yuma Arizona Video. Next, Professor Chadien D. Blako writes about The Alien's Backbone. Cristian Negureanu is back with more proof of Planet X. John Jay Harper writes about WW III and archetypes of apocalypse! Then, Georgia Pearson and Denis Goewert collaborate on a piece about OCTOBER CONTACT. Next, Marc Fiszman continues his Mekeer series with Preparatory. Finally, Stephen Yulish PhD, exclaims that he is forever grateful! Thanks Dirk.
Great Sacandaga Lake UFO by by Brett Allen and Dirk Vander Ploeg .
Brett Allen is a UFO researcher and a former PYX106 disc jockey in Albany, New York. He thought we might find these (photos) of interest. Brett took them over the Great Sacandaga Lake in upstate NY- August 12, 2007 and May 2008. Brad states: One was taken almost one year to the day later. There's quite an interesting back story: as having recently had a feature and cover in UFO Mag about another sighting I had back in 1980 - three spheres on I-90 near East Greenbush New York, just prior to the Hudson Valley UFO flap - a gentlemen contacted me to say he too was having contemporary sightings in the that same area, also of spheres, but also of mantas, and claimed to have seen helicopters chasing a spherical craft.More...

UFO over Kaneohe Marine Base, Hawaii by Dirk Vander Ploeg.
Frank describes his sighting: Description and Date of incident: Shot it using tripod and nikon D60 SLR Camera my best ufo pic yet I have dozens. For the last year due to certain circumstances I have not had to or have worked. I was bored and got into taking pics, I'm an artist and believe I have a good eye for the $$$ shots. More...

Yuma Arizona Video - UFO or Planet? by Dirk Vander Ploeg.
Azpitbull describes his sighting: I walked outside at 5:00 a.m. and saw a strange bright light in the sky. I ran and grabbed my camcorder (Canon L2 HI-8 Camcorder), and began shooting. I don't know what it was, but it had brilliant colors. It glowed very brightly in fascinating multi-color arrays. Due to the size, I uploaded this video to youtube, and also reported it to MUFON. More...

The Alien's Backbone by Professor Chadien D. Blako..
All UFO stories focus on the aftermath, never on the prelude. In each one of these stories, the consequences are always more consistent and dissectible than the causes, for the simple fact that there are no comprehensible causes. It just happens. The moment of the first sighting of the UFO, that is the farthest that our senses dare to take us. More...

Recent Proof About Poles Reversal in Connection with Planet X by Cristian Negureanu.
The Earth's overall magnetic field has weakened at least 10 percent over the past 150 years, which could also point to an upcoming field reversal. Mandea and Olsen hope to continue refining their model with updated observations, and perhaps to eventually help predict future changes in the Earth's magnetic field. More...

The Art of WW III: Unifying Archetypes of Apocalypse by John Jay Harper..
Albert Einstein reacted with alarm to the use of the Atom Bomb in 1945 on Japan and said as much publicly later: "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." In my feeble attempt to see that WW III does not rear its ugly mushroom cloud head again, I offer you the following insights that I have gained over a lifetime of decoding the symbolic art and science to archetypes of apocalypse. More...

OCTOBER CONTACT by Georgia Pearson and Denis Goewert..
How will you react if a UFO appears on October 13-15, as internet reports have predicted? Here are some personal suggestions from "The Ones," a group of benevolent extraterrestrials in telepathic contact with Georgia Pearson since 2003 (see www.alltheones.net). Ed Pearson and Denis Goewert were present to ask questions about the predicted OCTOBER CONTACT. More..

The Mekeer: Preparatory - Part II by Marc Fiszman.
In this second article in the Mekeer series, extraterrestrial specialist Marc Fiszman introduces the aliens' plan to rescue humanity from self-destruction. I walked to the side of Kodahr, the two of us flanked by two of his assistants. They were dressed as he, in soft, hooded robes, though in blue rather than the shimmering white which flowed down and about the tall Prophet's body. The assistants were around my height, average for a human, a foot or so shorter than the man who led us. The hoods kept all of their faces cloaked in shadows, or even something more, for try as I might, it was impossible to see anything but pure blackness inside. More...

Forever Grateful! by Stephen Yulish PhD.
As I read Dr. John Jay Harper's new article for UFO Digest entitled The Art of WWIII: The Unifying Archetypes of Apocalypse, 8/22/08, I felt a sense of déjà vu all over again. I looked into his synchronistic, Jungian, collective unconscious eyes and saw myself thirty years younger looking back wild eyed yet startlingly perplexed like a deer caught in the headlights. More...

Extraterrestrial Archaeology

David Hatcher Childress lectures using official NASA and Soviet photos, as well as other photos taken via telescope. Childress seeks to prove that many of the planets (and moons) of our solar system are in some way inhabited by intelligent life. The DVD includes many blow-ups of NASA photos and detailed diagrams of structures -- particularly on the Moon. Includes: NASA photos of pyramids and domed cities on the moon; Pyramids and giant statues on Mars;

Fatima Revisited
The Apparition Phenomenon In UFOlogy, Psychology, and Science

by Fernando Fernandes, Joaquim Fernandes & Raul Berenguel

For me as a reviewer, I found this a pleasant and welcome change to just the normal one off explanation that is driven home by one singular author. The essays/papers in this book have been 'peer reviewed' and have been gathered together by a group calling themselves 'Project Marion'. Project Marion is co-ordinated by CTEC (Centre for Transdisiplinary Studies In Consciousness which is based at the University of Fernando Pessona in Porto Portugal. Read Review

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