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UfoDigest Newsletter August 31, 2006
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New Evidence: the Kinross UFO Incident This week we have an exclusive report regarding the Kinross UFO Incident, then Steve Hammons gives us the latest on Project Serpo. Peter Farley writes about timewave shifts and then you're introduced to the Sea Orbiter. UFOs have been sighted in Canada's North West Territories. Finally, do you want the vacation of a lifetime, then this undersea hotel may be perfect! Enjoy Dirk.Enjoy Dirk.
New Evidence: the Kinross UFO Incident
A Michigan based company, The Great Lakes Dive Company, announced in 2005 that they had discovered the wreckage of a F-89 and an unknown object at the bottom of Lake Superior. The objects were located at a depth of at least 250 feet. Ufologists, who have been investigating this case, have been waiting for the results of side scan sonar and remotely operated vehicles (ROV) imaging that was to commence in 2006. Find out more. See photo above.

More claims released to public on government contact with extraterrestrials
In rapid-fire succession, a second information release in four days was made public today about U.S. Government activities involving extraterrestrials. The information was again sent through a prominent e-mail stream group and posted verbatim on a well-known Web site, serpo.org. Read more.

Experiencing the Timewave Shifts
Experience anything funny last Thursday? Something perhaps in the air beside the soft subtle hint of autumn? Did you perhaps feel the soft rippling shadow of a timewave coming through our sector of Creation bringing with it a ‘correction’ to the future, a correction brought about by all the changing that has been going on due to the work of a very few light-WORKERS over the past few months and years. Read Story.

À la Jules Verne
This unique creation known as the “Sea Orbiter” has been designed by the famous French architect Jacques Rougerie. The design suggests the fantastic world of Jules Verne, and in fact a three-metre high model of the vehicle, built by MARINTEK in Trondheim, has actually been sent to the Jules Verne Exhibition in Paris. Story continues.

Residents of Fort Resolution report UFO sightings
There's something strange in the sky above Fort Resolution in the Northwest Territories. Over the years, residents of the South Slave community have reported a number of unidentified flying objects, or UFOs. There's no obvious explanation for them. Read More.

Undersea hotel lets you sleep with the fishes
Poseidon Resorts is looking to cash in on your desire to take a vacation to a place humans aren't physically equipped to survive, designing a hotel on the ocean floor. With more than 60% of the surfaces of the hotel transparent windows, you'll get great views of undersea life from wherever you are. Read more.

Varghina Case on DVD
Well-known UFO researcher, doctor and pioneer investigator of "alien implant" cases, Dr. Roger Leir plunges into a now famous--and of course controversial--crashed UFO case originating in Varghina... Only $18.00.

The GraysThe Grays In Transformation and Breakthrough, I wrote about the period of relatively formal encounters that ended in 1990. But I have never written about what happened after that. Click here..

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