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Thursday 1st September 2005
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This week we are hilighting a video from Darren Olson that shows an unknown object(s) during last month's Columbia shuttle mission. Watch the video and you be the judge. Once again we have four breaking news stories. Controversy surrounds the discovery of a 500,000 year old spark plug, the Mars Spirit is transmitting amazing photos from a hilltop. Next we have the discovery of a protein which could extend our lives! Finally, we have a story that claims there is a UFO freeway above the Earth. Bonus story concerns scientists creating artificial gecko feet. Enjoy!

Archaeology from the dark side

Archaeology from the dark side In February of 1961, three amateur gem collectors dug a mechanical gizmo encased in fossil-encrusted rock out of a mountainside in the Southern California desert. They didn't know what it was, and began showing it to friends and associates. Within a few years this thingummy, which became known as the Coso artifact, had assumed an almost mythic importance. Read more.

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Spirit reaches Martian hilltop

Spirit reaches Martian hilltop

Images being transmitted by Spirit showed a breathtaking view as it ascended to the hilltop. "The view is really opening up," said Larry Crumpler, a member of the Mars rover science team. Mars rover science teams are prepared to do a "full summit campaign" of observations, he said. Read more.

Is There A UFO Freeway Above Earth?

Is There A UFO Freeway Above Earth?

UFO buffs have been saying so for decades. But now a Mount Vernon man says you don't have to believe in aliens. You can see their ships any night of the week with your own eyes. Ted Anderson says 50 miles above the earth, there's a veritable UFO expressway he calls the UFO Freeway Portal Location. Story continues.

Scientists discover life-extending protein

Scientists discover life-extending proteinThe protein which controls the production of insulin is capable of extending lifespan in laboratory mice, recent studies have shown. Immortality, however, costs too much money. US researchers currently study the protein, which, as scientists assume, can slow down the aging process. Find out more.

Bonus Story for Newsletter Readers
Gravity-Defying Geckos Teach Scientists a Lesson

Gravity-Defying Geckos Teach Scientists a Lesson

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