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UFODigest Newsletter September 12, 2008
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We went to the movie the other night. I sat in an aisle seat as I usually do because it feels a little roomier. Just as the feature was about to start a baby boomer from the center of the row got up and started... More....

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Blossom Goodchild’s Predicted Mass UFO Sighting: Will it Force Disclosure to Occur?
Blossom Goodchild
This week Stephane Wuttunee writes about Blossom Goodchild's prediction of a massive spacecraft on October 14th, then Robert L Mason speculates on how alien spacecraft fly. Next, Professor Chadien D. Blako contributes Part III of the Alien's Background. Then, Richard Dolan reviews The High Strangeness of Dimensions, Densities, and the Process of Alien Abduction. Tony Elliott claims UFOs change with the times and Art Champoux discusses Hypnosis! Marc Fiszman concludes his Mekeer series. Finally, Isaac ben Jacob and Sarah Fishberg in their new book "The Rise" shed light on Rennes Le Chateau's Sauniere. Thanks Dirk.
Blossom Goodchild’s Predicted Mass UFO Sighting: Will it Force Disclosure to Occur? by Stephane Wuttunee .
Like wildfires in the Australian outback, rumors of an upcoming mass televised UFO sighting over American skies are taking the Internet by storm. Blossom Goodchild, an Aussie actress and author, has the international Ufology community on its ear with channeled information concerning the eminent appearance of a massive extraterrestrial spacecraft for October 14th, 2008.More...

nick popeSwindon UFO Research Presents: A talk by Nick Pope.
Former head of the MoD UFO desk and worldwide UFO expert. Nick Pope will be in Swindon on the 22nd of September at the Moose International Hall, Eastcott Road, Old Town. Doors open at 7:15 p.m. Don't miss this opportunity to see Nick in person! A range of works from local authors and artists will also be on display. More details can be found on the Events page at www.sufor.org.uk.

Alien Spacecraft: Real, Physical or Virtual? by Robert L. Mason..
Speculations on how an alien remote sensing probe might work and why such a probe, based on a charged particle beam, might be mistaken for an actual physical spacecraft. The clearest and most succinct summary of reported UFO characteristics I have yet to find was written by the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek in a foreword to the book The UFO Controversy in America. More...

The Alien's Backbone Part III by Professor Chadien D. Blako.
The next morning, I went to pay a visit to Marcel Pitouf, who claimed to be 99 years old, though he looked much younger to me. He was amazingly lucid and coherent, and even though he tended to trail off into fascinating war stories, his testimony was of great value to my investigation. More...

The High Strangeness of Dimensions, Densities, and the Process of Alien Abduction review by Richard M. Dolan.
It´s sad but true that most people don´t like inconvenient realities to upset their pleasant illusions and prejudices. I see this all the time in my own daily interactions with people. Once someone reaches a point in his or her life when they feel they "understand" the world well enough - often around the age of thirty - they spend the rest of their life filling in the blanks of what they think they already know. More...

UFOs Change with the Times by Tony R. Elliott..
UFOs seems to appear in forms consistent with the time. In the 1800s, they appeared as weird flying machines with wings and propellers, years in advance of the first airplane invention. In the years following they have taken shapes of round silver objects, saucers, cigar, lights of various colors and even weird shapes like dragons, phoenix birds, and even shapes such as that of microscopic organisms. More...

Hypnosis: Realities and Fallacies by Art Champoux..
Hypnosis is common in the research of a UFO event especially in abduction cases. Many doubt if it is a valuable tool. Let me explain what is, how it works and dispel some of the myths around it. Here are some of the facts: All people can be hypnotized: untrue. Only people who have an average or above average IQ (intelligence quotient) can be hypnotized. One has to be able to have some intelligence and be able to reason within their mind. A person with a low IQ usually cannot do that. More..

The Mekeer: TELEPORT by Marc Fiszman.
In this penultimate article in the Mekeer series, extraterrestrial specialist Marc Fiszman describes his first mission for the aliens: the development of the TELEPORT multidimensional transport system. At first, I was sure it was a dream; outrageously vivid, but nothing more than that. It didn't take long to realise the truth of the matter. More...

The Rise: Saunières Magical Workings and the Penitential Movement in Europe by Isaac ben Jacob and Sarah Fishberg.
Within medieval Europe, a new power was rising. A heresy had infiltrated the hierarchy of the Catholic Church almost to the very top, and begun what would become a centuries-long campaign of altering the Church's original teachings to make them conform to its own. More...

Extraterrestrial Archaeology

David Hatcher Childress lectures using official NASA and Soviet photos, as well as other photos taken via telescope. Childress seeks to prove that many of the planets (and moons) of our solar system are in some way inhabited by intelligent life. The DVD includes many blow-ups of NASA photos and detailed diagrams of structures -- particularly on the Moon. Includes: NASA photos of pyramids and domed cities on the moon; Pyramids and giant statues on Mars;

Roswell, Your Travel Guide to the UFO Capital of the World!
by Lynn Michelsohn

Roswell, Your Travel Guide to the UFO Capital of the World!

Have you ever wanted to visit Roswell? . . . to peer into Hanger 84 where crash debris and alien bodies were stored? . . . to follow Walter Haut's route as he delivered his press releases announcing recovery of the crashed saucer? . . .to study intriguing exhibits in the International UFO Museum and Research Center? Read Review

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