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UfoDigest Newsletter September 14, 2006
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ET Murders Most Foul This week Robert Morningstar provides evidence from the Alien Autopsy film showing murder! Then a 1937 photo may prove a connection between aliens and the Bible. An UFO was photo-graphed over the capital city of Podkarpacki, Poland. Next we have an article about how the earth's core shifts! Then, we examine the "Golden Age of comics" and how it relates to UFOs. Finally, Peter Farley asks the question, "What time is here?" Enjoy Dirk.
ET Murders Most Foul
The following analysis is simply a description (as I see it) of the contents of the film clip presented as the climactic ending of Ray Santilli's film, "Alien Autopsy," starring the English comedians popularly known as "Art and Dec." I began working on this analysis in April of 2006 and revised and edited the following on May 9th and September 11th, 2006 and have shared it only with those experts cited until today. Read Story. See photo above.

1937 Vancouver City Hall UFO
This amazing photo of an UFO was taken by Leonard Lamoureux in 1937. Leonard was visiting Vancouver, British Columbia when he setup his camera on a makeshift tripod to photograph a Christmas light display. Read more.

POLAND: Disc photographed in Rzeszow
A local newspaper recounted the story of Jakub Puszkarewicz who managed to capture a unusual object over the center of the capital city of Podkarpackie wojewodztwo at night early May night Read Story.

Earth’s crust and poles wander, drift and shift: Dangerous days ahead?
Has the planet’s outer crust moved, a little or a lot, millions or even thousands of years ago? Was the continent of Antarctica always at the South Pole and covered by ice? Story continues.

Comic Books and UFOs: an old relationship
The Golden Age of Comic Books was a period in the history of American comic books, generally thought as lasting from 1938 (with the debut of Superman in Action Comics #1, published by DC Comics) until the mid-1950s (with the rise of gritty crime and horror related comics, such as those of EC) during which comic books enjoyed a surge of popularity, the archetype of the superhero was created and defined and... Read More.

What Times Are Here...and what you need to be prepared
What it is that the Spiritual Hierarchy need us all to learn for these times is that NONE of us know nor realize how tough they are going to be? Read More.

Varghina Case on DVD
Well-known UFO researcher, doctor and pioneer investigator of "alien implant" cases, Dr. Roger Leir plunges into a now famous--and of course controversial--crashed UFO case originating in Varghina... Only $18.00.

The GraysMontauk Babies If you’ve ever questioned your government’s intentions or what anyone insists “reality” is, prepare yourself for a wild ride that even Alice would not be prepared to survive. Click here..

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