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UFODigest Newsletter September 17, 2009
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Two aliens were discussing earth beings. More.
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Hoax and Fraud in the scientific establishment

This week new contributor, Paul Schroeder, writes about alien mind control during abductions. Next, Regan Lee is back and is wondering about black triangles flying ininternational air space. Michael Cohen, of Examiner.com, questions if the China UFO
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eclipse event has really been explained. Theresa J. Thurmond Morris reports on disclosure challenges in the ET UFO community. Michael Horn, claims that photographer Chris Lock confirmed on of Billy Meier's controversial photos. Then, Mario Maisto, has discovered a UFO in the TV series Las Vegas! Newcomer, Lura Ketchledge, writes personally about lifelines from beyond the grave. Next, Stephen Yulish, explains why demons/extraterrestrials tremble at the name of Jesus. Finally, Tony Elliott writes about the facets of the human mind. Enjoy Dirk.

Alien Mind Control During Abductions by Paul Schroeder. I know somehow that it is night time but the fields and countryside below are illuminated, lit up as though it were ten in the morning, but I know it's night because I am told that I am dreaming. For a few more brief seconds I see the green granular nature of the trees below and a visual exhilaration of flying combined with a sense of peace and happiness. I marvel at the texture and color and my movement above it. More...

International Air Space and the Black Triangles by Regan Lee . In past articles on the black triangles, I've often made the comment about the fact the triangles appear all over the world, which means they appear in international air space. I've stated that this is risky; the abrupt appearance of an unknown craft in another country's air space seems dangerous. But, if we don't know who the triangles belong to, if they're man made or alien, and so on, the issue is probably moot. However, I still assumed that the U.S. (assuming the triangles are ours) flying into the air space of other countries was a bad thing, unless of course that air space was part of NATO and so on. More...

Has the China UFO Eclipse Event Really Been Debunked? by Michael Cohen. Compelling evidence suggests that on July 22 when the people of China looked skyward to observe the miracle of a solar eclipse they were not alone. Visitors from outer space were with them. A number of UFO sightings were reported around the country and The Purple Mountain Astronomical Observatory in Nanjing recorded footage of a UFO. More...

Challenges of Disclosure of ET UFO Community by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris. Challenges for all of us on earth are expected. We need a new model for the entire global population and it is the ET UFO Community leading the challenge of disclosure of information on the ETs and UFOs. More...

New Photo Analysis Shows WCUFO to Be Authentic! by Michael Horn. Photographer Chris Lock recently took one of Billy Meier’s photographs of the highly controversial Wedding Cake UFO (WCUFO) and processed it with Photoshop. The WCUFO photographs, long attacked by skeptics as taken of a model made from a “garbage can lid”, are probably the most controversial of all of Meier’s more than 1,200 UFO photos. More...

A flying saucer caught during an episode of the TV series 'Las Vegas' by by Mario Maisto. The object in question has clearly a discoid shape as seen from the video and from images, this initially appears from behind the plane so then it goes down gradually at high speed, the object is real thanks to the fact that his shape respects the perspective during its motion moreover it can be noticed that the object has its own motion. More...

Lifeline from Beyond the Grave by Lura Ketchledge. Is there a place between the living and the dead: a sort of vantage point where your loved ones watch over you after they have died? Before 1994 that kind of question never crossed my mind. Back then I knew there was life after death. I knew ghosts were real and the physical world was a school with mandatory attendance. How I knew these truths is a long story, a story best told in another article. More...

Demons (Extraterrestrials) Tremble at the Name of Jesus Christ by Stephen Yulish PhD. As I indicated in my earlier article on this issue from 3/29/07, www.ufodigest.com/news/0307/tremble.html, I believe in UFOs and in extraterrestrials. I do not believe that either I am delusional or am I hallucinating. I do believe that the government is covering up these phenomena even though they are being bewitched as to its real meaning. This deception is part of the spiritual war between God and Satan as CS Lewis says. In this article, I will elaborate on this further with more Biblical as well as extra-Bibloical substantiation and analysis. More...

Facets of the Human Mind by Tony Elliott. The human psyche operates in many differing facets which medical science has yet to realize and have yet to study. The subconscious ability of the brain and spiritual aspect of the mind are two functions, which each one of us possesses, but the least understood. The reasons behind the lack of knowledge in these two areas are that they are not functions which are obvious and are used 24/7 such as taste, smell, pain, hearing and feelings of love and hate. More...

The Truth About The Philadelphia Experiment
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UFOs, Nazi Secret Weapons?
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The Nazi UFO Controversy: Banned In 22 Countries

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