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UfoDigest Newsletter September 28, 2006
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First Woman Space Tourist This week we have a story about the first woman space tourist then we have two amazing UFOs photos, one from Perth and one from an air show! As a diabetic the next story is of personal interest. Steve Hammons writes about a diabetes cure from Gila monsters serum. There is now proof that the British government deliberately hid knowledge of UFO contact. Finally, will Iran and Syria cause the U.S. to reinstate the draft? Enjoy Dirk.
First Woman Space Tourist
A telecommunications entrepreneur has become the first woman tourist astronaut. It is estimated that she paid twenty-five million U.S. dollars to Space Adventures, Ltd., the world's leading space experiences company, for the unique opportunity. The Iranian-American multimillionaire has become only the fourth tourist astronaut to travel into space and visit the International Space Station. Find out more. See photo above.

UFO Photographed Over Perth Australia
Received the following submission from Simon Boyd who shot this photograph while on November 10, 2001 in Perth, Australia. Read more.

New diabetes medicine from Gila monster
If we needed another reason to stop the extinction of animals and plants around the world, the new medication derived from the saliva of the giant Gila monster desert lizard may be one. Read Story.

UFO Makes Appearance at Mount Comfort Air Show
Received a submission from Matt Ray, who is a 47-year old training/safety administrator for a growing company. He is not a professional photographer. Story continues.

Britain sought UFO unit cover-up
Ministry of Defense sought to prevent the public from knowing about the work of a unit that investigated reported sightings of unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, a published report said Monday. Read More.

Is Military Draft Needed?
Will the U.S. soon need to activate Selective Service System plans for a military draft if open hostilities break out with Iran and Syria? Read More.

Varghina Case on DVD
Well-known UFO researcher, doctor and pioneer investigator of "alien implant" cases, Dr. Roger Leir plunges into a now famous--and of course controversial--crashed UFO case originating in Varghina... Only $18.00.

The GraysMontauk Babies If you’ve ever questioned your government’s intentions or what anyone insists “reality” is, prepare yourself for a wild ride that even Alice would not be prepared to survive. Click here..

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