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Thursday 29nd September 2005
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This week we have four breaking news stories! The first is about 36 killer dolphins that have escaped from the military and speaking of the military, the marines are developing their own spacecraft! Next, we have another story about the possibility of life on Titan and finally we have a story featuring Tom Slemen, Liverpool's renowned ghost-hunter. Our bonus story is about tomorrow's weatherman - AIs. Enjoy!

36 Killer Dolphins Escape Training Area

36 Killer Dolphins Escape Training Area It may be the oddest tale to emerge from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Armed dolphins, trained by the US military to shoot terrorists and pinpoint spies underwater, may be missing in the Gulf of Mexico. Read more.

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Marines in Space

Marines in SpaceAlthough the chuckle factor hasn't altogether disappeared, the Air Force Research Laboratory and Darpa are beginning a study of options for a reusable upper-stage space travel vehicle -- the same kind of technology that the Marines might need for a ride halfway across the globe. The effort is called "Hot Eagle," and it could be the first step forward in the Marine Corps' hopes for space travel. Story continues.

The Living Worlds Hypothesis

The Living Worlds HypothesisSaturn's moon Titan is enveloped in a thick orange haze, and the organic particles that make up that smog have been raining out of the atmosphere and down onto the surface for millennia. This rich chemical brew is thought to be ripe for life's origin, similar in some aspects to Earth in its earliest days.
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World of the strange

World of the strangeTom Slemen, Liverpool's renowned ghost-hunter, was drawn into the art of story-telling by his grandmother, Rose. As a child, he would often visit and, in those pre-electronic gadget days that now engage youngsters from dawn to dusk, listen spellbound instead to her stories. Continues...

AI systems may blow weathermen away

Weather forecasters could find themselves pushed out of a job by an artificial intelligence system designed to write clearer, less ambiguous reports. Computer scientists at the University of Aberdeen, UK, were asked to generate an "artificial weatherperson" by operators of offshore oil rigs, who wanted more clarity in their forecasts. The vocabulary used by different forecasters can be vague and highly variable, says Ehud Reiter, who led the Aberdeen team. Read more.

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