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UFODigest Newsletter October 2, 2008
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There was this haunted house on the outskirts of the town which was avoided by all the townfolk - the ghost which `lived' there was feared by all. More....

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Stephenville UFO: Was it a National Security Threat?
This week Scott Corrales has sent in an article by Hector Escalante, about a UFO destroyed by lightning. Then Ian Brockwell is puzzled by MUFON's reaction to a special photo process. Next, Stephane Wuttunee wants us to send one million faxes to Washington! Then Steve Hammons writes about NDEs and guardian angels. Carlosox is back and exploring our early history. Dennis G. Balthaser examines the credibility of the Jesse Marcels. Chris Holly reports on a red orb she saw one night. New contrib-utor, Glenn Gould, wonders if we are on the eve of disclosure? Emerson Dubrosky writes about Methane Hydrates. Finally, a new movie ALIEN GREY: ZONE-X is coming to a theater near you. Thanks Dirk.
Venezuela: Was A UFO Destroyed By Lightning? by Hector Escalante.
On September 17 of this year, Jairo Esparragoza managed to capture the flight of an alleged unidentified object that appeared to vanish after being struck by a bolt of lightning. The event was recorded between 6 and 7 p.m. using the camera of a Motorola Motoraz V3 cellphone as the witness drove along the Guarenas-Guatire Expressway in the vicinity of the Buenaventura Shopping Mall in the state of Miranda in north-central Venezuela.. More...

MUFON's Reaction To My UFO Article by Ian Brockwell.
In a recent article I mentioned that MUFON were investigating some photos (of the STS-75 tether incident) that had received a special photo process. Shortly after the article appeared I received an email from the "International Director" of MUFON, James Carrion, asking "Who/what is your source for stating that MUFON is involved with a new photo enhancement technique for analyzing UFO photos as stated in the article.." More...

MILLION FAX ON WASHINGTON - Earth's Citizens Demand Disclosure by Stephane Wuttunee.
On November 5th, 2008 and for a period lasting seventy-seven days, Washington D.C. will become Ground Zero in what is slated to become the largest civilian driven mailing blitz in recent history. The payload: over one million letters, faxes, and e-mails from people around the globe... More...

Near-death experiences, guardian angel research projects connected? by Steve Hammons. This month, news coverage of two research studies related to near-death experiences and belief in guardian angels provoked surprise, skepticism, and for some people, curiosity about transcendent and anomalous phenomena. Are there cosmic connections between the two research project results? More...

The Human Condition - Part One - The origin and early history of humans by Carlosox.
SIn this article, I would like to explore two aspects of the human condition on planet earth. The first part will examine the origin and early history of humans on earth, which is sourced mainly through the Akashic Records. The second part will focus on the composition - both physical and causal, of the human body. More...

Credibility of Major Jesse Marcel and Jesse Marcel Jr. by Dennis G. Balthaser.
It appears that there are still those that refuse to give credibility to Major Jesse Marcel and his son Jesse Marcel Jr., who after all these years, are still two of the most credible “first-hand” witnesses of the 1947 Roswell Incident. I never had the opportunity to meet Major Marcel, but have had many conversations about him with Stanton Friedman.... More...

The Red Orb by Chris Holly.
I told him there was a strange light in the tree just outside the window. I was still sitting on the bed. He walked into the bedroom, handed me my nightly cup of tea and then walked over in front of the window. I heard him whisper, "What the hell is that?" I think I stood up next to him at the window. . More...

On the Eve of Disclosure by Glenn Gould.
Many who research the phenomenon associated with unidentified flying objects and the probable extraterrestrial nature of some such events feel that there has been an unnecessarily high level of secrecy and deception. While some governments have released information about their several UFO experiences, the United States has been annoyingly obtuse about its participation in these events. More...

Methane Hydrates by Emerson Dubrosky.
I don't know diddle about lithosphere shifts other than what I learned from Hapgood's original book (that I have in storage somewhere). When I bought it, of course, Hapgood's theories of continental drift were considered scientific nonsense. It turned out that he was absolutely correct, and his position(s) are now unquestioned mainstream science. So, oddly enough, I do have an historical book here (somewhere). More...

ALIEN GREY: ZONE-X After recently winning the Best Feature Film Genre Award: Best Sci-Fi from the Los Angeles arm of the NYIIFVF Festival, Thomas R. Dickens, brings his his exciting new film Alien Grey: Zone-X to the NYC arm of the festival. Thomas R. Dickens is known for his considerable special effects and directorial talents for creating special effects on a myriad of films including Hollowman and Anaconda. More...

Extraterrestrial Archaeology

David Hatcher Childress lectures using official NASA and Soviet photos, as well as other photos taken via telescope. Childress seeks to prove that many of the planets (and moons) of our solar system are in some way inhabited by intelligent life. The DVD includes many blow-ups of NASA photos and detailed diagrams of structures -- particularly on the Moon. Includes: NASA photos of pyramids and domed cities on the moon; Pyramids and giant statues on Mars;

Mind Controlled Sex Slaves and the CIA
by Tracy Twyman

Roswell, Your Travel Guide to the UFO Capital of the World!

A close cousin to the field of study called Ufology is the school of political analysis called Conspiracy Theory, which encompasses everything from the machinations of the UFO cover-up to tales of a secret government operating in close cooperation with the alien presence. Read Review

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