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UfoDigest Newsletter October 5, 2006
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First Woman Space Tourist This week we have a story about an encounter with an Insectoid. Then we have two more UFO sightings complete with photos, one from Poland and one from Austrialia! Then Steve Hammons gives us another warning about deceptive and psychological operations. Next, Glenn Kimball asks why are certain religions so easily offended? Finally, Dennis Balthaser is still fighting with the Roswell Museum. Enjoy Dirk.
Insectoid encountered in Sierakow, Poland
While camping near Sierakow Lake in the summer of 2001 a young 20-year old woman has a strange encounter. It was late in the evening when she began heading back to her campsite. She was walking beside the edge of a forest that led to the meadow that led to her tent. The meadow was appoximately 200 meters (666 feet) in length. Suddenly, she saw a huge mantis like creature that appeared to bend over and pickup something. Find out more. See photo above.

Ufo Photographed Near Klepaczka Mast
On September 21st 2006, a possible UFO object was photographed in vicinity of Klepaczka FM and TV-mast (one of the tallest structures in the country). Read more.

Unknown Object Shadows Holden Blimp
Received another interesting photo from the land downunder last week on September 29, 2006. One of our regular readers, Tyson Donnelly, sent us before and after photos of a scene showing the Holden blimp. The blimp was flying over a local forest in an area called Terry Hills, which is near Sydney, Austrialia. Read Story.

Mind wars
The people of Iraq, the Middle East, Europe and around the world may have something very important in common with Americans. According to some published reports, we have all been the targets of deceptive information operations and psychological operations by elements in the current U.S. administration and certain groups associated with it. Story continues.

Being Offended
There are two particular religious groups of people that have become very difficult to criticize; the Jews and Islam. If you say anything unflattering about the Jews, automatically you become an anti-Semite and mysteriously a party to the holocaust. If you say anything unflattering towards Islam you make yourself a target for terrorism. However, it is politically correct to criticize Christians. Read More.

Politics and Intrigue - Roswell UFO Museum
In the editorial I mentioned 14 items of concern not only to me as a resident of Roswell and as a serious UFO researcher, (which were not addressed in the Board President's response), but also the views of many in the community. Read More.

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