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UFODigest Newsletter October 9, 2008
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A guy is failing Zoology. His teacher tells him that if he can find a rare animal and study it, he will let him pass the class. The guy starts driving and comes across a ranch. He goes to the door and explains himself to the owner. More....

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UFO Captured During Thunderstorm: does it reveal alien life?
This week Ian Brockwell brings us a story about a UFO and aliens captured during a thunderstorm. Then Kitty Loberg suggests that NASA has altered photos from the moon and Mars. Chris Holly writes an incredible story about the reincarnation of Ricky Wills. Steve Bass wonders if America really wants to know the truth about UFOs. Next, Glenn Gould writes about disclosure and its problems sworldwide. Then, Barry Chamish tells us about real giants in Israel today. Marc Fiszman writes about Jesus and the Behehn. Stephen Yulish PhD disagrees with another writer - this time Carlosox. Read Yulish's critique and then read Carlosox's reply. Thanks Dirk.
UFO Captured During Thunderstorm: does it reveal alien life? by Ian Brockwell.
On September 10, 2008, Christine Dickey took a photograph during a thunderstorm (photo above) that not only captured the presence of a UFO, but on further investigation revealed what appears to be the existence of many different types of aliens. The following is a letter received from Christine, apart from altering the name and occupation of one of those involved, the letter has been reproduced as written.. More...

Have You Seen These North and South Pole Photos? by Kitty Loberg.
NASA and the European Space Agency has photos of the Moon and Mars on their sites. Some months ago, I downloaded from ESA, the photo of Crater Hale on Mars, and I used Photoshop to adjust contrast and was able to see for myself, evidence of civilization, or past civilization on Mars. Richard Hoagland too, wrote his book Dark Mission, and in his Project Camelot interview where he describes pictures of Lunar ruins and mechanical artifacts that can be shown with Photoshop. More...

Ricky Wills Incredible Reincarnation by Chris Holly.
Ricky Wills lives in the UK. He is an interesting man who has had many unusual experiences in his lifetime. I interviewed him a few weeks ago when he told me his incredible experience with finding his own past life. Not believing one way or the other about Reincarnation or having multiple life experiences Ricky did not set out to look for a past life, he sort of stumbled onto it. More...

Does America Really Want To Know? by Steve Bass.
During a criminal investigation, it is common to interview witnesses and suspects or persons of interest. When an interviewee gives conflicting testimony, this is a sure sign that they know something and are trying to conceal it from investigators. At this point, the interview becomes more intense, more direct questions are asked, and tactics are employed that have a high rate of success in routing out the truth. More...

The Clash of Disclosure Worldviews by Glenn Gould.
One problematic issue regarding the abandonment of secrecy surrounding extraterrestrial influence on our planet is the post-disclosure worldview. While that subject is on the minds of those who keep secrets secret, it seems to have evaded, for the most part, the thoughts of the more militant members of the groups that demand full disclosure at any price. The post-disclosure world, as seen through the eyes of our governments, is one of unimaginable horror wherein their historic hold on human civilization has ended. More...

The Return of the Giants by Barry Chamish.
Are the Anakim or the Refaim, the giants of the Bible returning to Israel today? There are only two periods of recorded history when giants were reported in Israel; In biblical days from the time of the Flood to the ascension of King David and since 1993 in modern Israel. The case for the return of giants to Israel is airtight. More...

Jesus and the Behehn by Marc Fiszman.
It is no great secret that the Jesus entity had extraterrestrial connections. Rather less well known is that he was the first participant in an alien-powered programme of cerebral microchip implants which continues today and promises to radically alter the fundamental nature of the human being. More...

The Origin of the Human Condition-Not, once Again! by Stephen Yulish PhD. This is déjà vu all over again as Yogi Berra once remarked. No sooner had I critiqued Tony Elliot’s article than I ran across an equally bewildering one by Carlosox, “The Human Condition-Part One-The Origin and Early History of Humans”, UFO Digest, 10/01/08. More...

The Human Condition - Part One Explained by Carlosox.
I was surprised by the scathing critique leveled against my article, The Human Condition, Part One, from Stephen Yulish. Not only did he roundly criticize my article, but wondered how Dirk would allow such an article as mine to be published on his site. It is therefore only fitting that I defend my article against his ill conceived critique. More...

Mothman's Photographer

This is the original DVD set that became a popular seller at the annual Mothman Festival in Pt. Pleasant, WV. It contains 18 hrs. of interviews with Mothman celebs like John Keel, Marcella Bennett, Faye DeWitt, Tom Ury, and Sharon Moore, as well as discussions with various experts who help Colvin demonstrate that the Mothman is really an ancient deity known worldwide for fighting crime--and even saving humanity--in times of stress, using human agents knighted with psychic powers.

Mind Controlled Sex Slaves and the CIA
by Tracy Twyman

Roswell, Your Travel Guide to the UFO Capital of the World!

A close cousin to the field of study called Ufology is the school of political analysis called Conspiracy Theory, which encompasses everything from the machinations of the UFO cover-up to tales of a secret government operating in close cooperation with the alien presence. Read Review

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