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Thursday 13th October 2005
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This week we have five breaking news stories! The first is about bending time and space and the second is related as it concerns UFO propulsion systems! Then we have a story about windpower coming to the United States. Next we have a story about cloning a Tasmanian Tiger and finally we have a story that claims that Centaurs actually existed! Enjoy!

Bending Space and Time

Bending Space and TimeIt started with an idea - European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN) wanted to use their atom smasher to make mini-black holes to study Hawking Radiation. The idea took off in different parts of the world and scientists are in the process of creating artificial blackholes. These are tiny ones with little power to absorb anything spectacular but never the less they are blackholes created the same way a real one is created through the supernova of big stars. Read more.

UFO Propulsion System

UFO Propulsion SystemDefense Scientists and Engineers are finally starting to understand the ultimate propulsion system that can make instantaneous space travel possible. The UFOs use this propulsion system to travel great distances instantaneously. The speed of light is 670,000,000 miles per hour a number no human being can ever stand in any craft for a long time. Story continues.

Wind Farm Whips Up Gale of Fury

Wind Farm Whips Up Gale of FuryOffshore wind power is coming to the United States. Two East Coast projects are currently in development, though one has been stymied by strong opposition from local residents who don't want their ocean views spoiled. The two projects, one south of Long Island, in New York, and one in Massachusetts' Nantucket Sound, are currently moving through the complicated process of securing permits from various agencies, and both could be turning out juice in a few years. Continues...

Scientists Renew Efforts to Clone Tasmanian Tiger

Scientists renew efforts to clone tasmanian tigerScientists are resuming efforts to bring the tasmanian tiger back to life through cloning. Dean of Science at the University of New South Wales, Professor Mike Archer, tried thylacine cloning at the Australian Museum in Sydney. The museum abandoned the project earlier this year saying it could not find enough quality thylacine DNA. Read more.

Researchers Insist that Centaurs Actually Existed

Researchers insist that centaurs actually existedArcheologists have discovered rock paintings depicting strange creatures and called them teriantrops, hybrids of humans and animals. Researchers believe that ancient artists made the painting from life. Find out more.

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