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UfoDigest Newsletter October 18, 2007
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Humanoid Dies In Sweden

This week Ed Komarek reports about alien humanoids in Sweden and then Cristian Negureanu writes about the planet of the cross. Next, Daniel Couzins, new contributor, writes about Con Rit, the great sea centipede! John Milor is back with an article about the false prophet! Dr. Young concludes her series on the great mystery of the Da Vinci Code. The Vatican is preparing to publish a book about the Knight's Templar. Then, Stephen Yulish tells us about Pascal's Wager. Finally, J.M. Sinclair writes about Great Lake Ghosts. Enjoy Dirk. For more new articles click here.
Humanoid Dies In Sweden
While rummaging through my files checking on Operation Right To Know material I came across this article I have been trying to find for years, as well as the three star general article that is available in another post. This Swedish case is one of those cases that involves an ethical extraterrestrial human that those who study less ethical ET's tend to ignore. Such reluctance to study all the evidence keeps folks conceptually trapped in their little clump of trees in the forest. I don't have a date on this article but it was published in the late 1980's or early 1990's. I think it was published in UFO Universe Magazine as a reprint. I searched the net but all I found was a fragment of the article in a list of humanoid cases from 1955 so I typed in this article by hand. Read Article

Eris - The Planet of the Cross and the Natural Extreme Phenonema
Eris/Nibiru was also known under the name of "The Planet of the Cross" because, in its passage between Mars and Jupiter, it crosses most of the orbits of the planets in our solar system. Being under the absolute control of the Anunnaki/Elohim/Gods, the first four satellites of the Station/Planet Eris/Nibiru (2003 EL 61, 2005 Fy9, Sedna, Orcus - with an approximate dimension of 1800 km.) are usually disposed around the planet in the shape of a huge celestial Cross. Read Article

Con Rit – The Great Sea Centipede
The volume of the world’s oceans are beyond the stretch of most imaginations at 1.37 billion cubic kilometres. The average depth of these oceans is 4km (2.5 miles), with the deepest point lying in the Mariana Trench some 10.9 km (6.8 miles) down. The pressure here reaches a phenomenal 8 tonnes per square inch, this would be comparable to one person trying to support 50 jumbo jets! Read Article

Who is the False Prophet?
Shortly following the rapture of the church, (a future event when God will take all the Christians away to heaven prior to the great tribulation), while people are still confused, frightened, and otherwise freaked out, Earth will be ripe for a massive satanic invasion, because the church, which has been holding back the emergence of the Antichrist, will be removed (2 Thessalonians 2:6-8). What will happen next? Read Article

The Great Mystery that Surrounds the Da Vinci Code - Part III
Interested in the Da Vinci Code mystery? Perhaps your Spirit is nudging you to know what was--once upon a time. In the pre-inquisition era, you were more than likely enrolled in the Divine Life Program as an active extended Member of the Family of God--God your Father and Mother and Earth's Holy Spirits, the Chryseis Daughter and Christ Son. Read Article

Vatican book on Templars' demise
The Vatican is to publish a book which is expected to shed light on the demise of the Knights Templar, a Christian military order from the Middle Ages. The book is based on a document known as the Chinon parchment, found in the Vatican Secret Archives six years ago after years of being incorrectly filed. Read Article

Pascal's Wager
As I have pointed out time and again, I have been interested in UFOs and the possibility of alien life for nearly fifty years. I was an early member of NICAP and APRO and read avidly about Project Blue Book and the Condon Report. Read Article

Great Lakes Ghosts
More like inland seas than lakes, the Great Lakes of North America are among the most treacherous bodies of water in the world. Terrible seasonal storms batter ships that choose to sail the lakes at the wrong time of year. These great gales, called the Witch of November, have claimed many lives and ships over the years, the most famous of which was the Edmund Fitzgerald in 1975. Strange things happen on the lakes that are unique to them, and sailors have long told stories of ghost ships on the great lakes in the same maritime tradition of the salt water ocean. Read Article

During the 1940s a Battleship Escort Ship vanishes during an attempt to make it radar invisible. When it re-appears, observers are horrified to see that some crew members have become embedded in the deck and steel of the ship.
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