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Thursday 20th October 2005
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This week we have another five breaking news stories! The first is about a researcher that is taking aim at alien abductions and the second questions why aliens haven't contacted us yet! Then we have a story about $1 million being offered for photographic proof that leads to the capture of monsters. Next we have a story about doomsday and prophetic signs and finally we have a story about M.I.T. students recreating an ancient death ray. Enjoy.

Researcher Takes Aim at Alien Abductions

Researcher Takes Aim at Alien AbductionsSusan Clancy is sick of space aliens. The Harvard psychologist figures she has read every book and seen every movie ever made about extraterrestrials, and she has interviewed roughly 50 people who claim to have been abducted by aliens. Read more.

Earth to aliens: we haven't had a signal yet.

Earth to aliens: we haven't had a signal yet.Does Alien Life exist? This is one of the most fascinating questions in the whole of science. Iím hopeful that weíll learn the answer by the end of this century. Story continues.

Big money offered for photo of creature

Big money offered for photo of creatureA Maine scientist is preparing to release details of a $1 million reward for a photograph that leads to the live capture of Bigfoot, the abominable snowman, or the Loch Ness Monster.. Continues...

Doomsday: The Latest Word if Not the Last

Doomsday: The Latest Word if Not the LastWord spread quickly in some conservative Christian circles when Israeli troops captured the Old City of Jerusalem from Arab forces in June 1967. This was it: Jesus was coming. Read more.

Recreating an Ancient Death Ray

Recreating an Ancient Death RayDid Archimedes really produce a death ray 2,200 years ago? According to Greek and Roman historians, he set Roman warships afire with a polished mirror that focused the sunís rays from afar during the siege of Syracuse. Last year the Discovery Channel program "MythBusters" declared the story a myth after failing to reproduce the feat. Find out more.

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