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UfoDigest Newsletter October 25, 2007
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UFO Photographed in San Luis Valley

This week Michael Nasibitt writes about a UFO sighting in San Luis Valley, then Kalani and Katiuska Hanohano report a 4-hour UFO over the Canary Islands. Next, Ed Komarek writes about a UFO shot down over Germany! Next, new contributor, Mario N. Rangel explains how skydivers were mistaken for UFOs. A.J. Gevaerd, publisher of the Brazilian UFO Magazine, reports on Operation Saucer. Regan Lee writes about non-extraordinary reactions. A.M. Pettry CHT, another new contributor, writes about the haunted history of Cheesman Park. Finally, Barbara Young submits a story about Charlie Brown. Enjoy Dirk. For more new articles click here.
UFO Photographed in San Luis Valley
I was at the Zapata Falls lookout point, due east of the Watchtower, across the San Luis Valley. Zapata Falls is located about four miles south of Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado. (The object) maintained a steady course, speed similar to a commercial jet, until it was lost behind a mountain range north of the park.” Read Article

4-Hour UFO Sighting Over the Canary Islands
While sitting there I began to feel restless and gazed at the sky. I immediately saw to the east of me, perhaps no more than a half a mile away, a silvery object floating over the freeway that links La Laguna to Santa Cruz. I watched this object for about 5 minutes, trying to figure out what it was. This object was moving slowly as it described a very large circle over the area east of where we reside. Read Article

ET Shoot-down Over Germany?
About 12:45 a.m., Lieutenant Cardeni gave orders that something hostile was incoming and that the gunners were to shoot down anything coming through the pass. He stated that no "friendlies" would be flying below 2700 feet and anything else was to be shot down. At that point, "Bill" Langdon suddenly came in touch with his Quaker upbringing, left his cannon and went back to awaken his squad leader, Aaron Yonts, from the San Francisco Bay Area of California. Langdon refused to shoot down anything with someone in it. Read Article

Special effects performed by Skydivers mistaken for UFOs
Victor Martinez, an important American UFOogist, usually publishes on the Internet stories about UFOs and other topics and circulates the links or small notes to dozens of list members from various countries. On October 13, 2007, among other topics, he sent a link under the title (in English) "ASTONISHING VIDEO! UFO FILMED IN PIRACICABA ON 4 JULY 2007. " With 1 min 43 seconds of duration was recorded on the sidelines of a busy road by a man in a small group whose dialogues show huge surprise. Read Article

Operation Saucer
For those who don't know, Operation Saucer was the biggest military operation conducted in Brazil to _officially_ and _secretly_ investigate UFOs. Probably the biggest in the world as well. It started in September 1977 by direct order from the command of the First Regional Aerial Command (COMAR) of the Brazilian Air Force in Belém, Para state, in the Amazon. Read Article

Non-Extraordinary Reactions to Extraordinary Things
Recently (October 18) the Democrat Herald, out of Albany, Oregon, carried a story about a couple who reported seeing a UFO. However, I’m not so much interested in the UFOs itself (for now) as I am the reactions of some who think there’s nothing to report. Read Article

A Haunted History - Cheesman Park Denver, Colorado
Cheesman Park is a beautiful refuge from the hustle and bustle of downtown Denver. A beautiful and rather quiet park of rolling grass covered hills and wonderful old trees providing shade from the midday heat. As you enjoy the park, all appears well. Joggers and bicyclists, picnickers enjoying their meal, people just reading quietly under a shade tree or lying on the grass. Read Article

A B-17 War Story Honor, even in War
Charlie Brown was a B-17 Flying Fortress pilot with the 379th Bomber Group at Kimbolton, England. His B-17 was called 'Ye Old Pub' and was in a terrible state, having been hit by flak and fighters. The compass was damaged and they were flying deeper over enemy territory instead of heading home to Kimbolton. Read Article

During the 1940s a Battleship Escort Ship vanishes during an attempt to make it radar invisible. When it re-appears, observers are horrified to see that some crew members have become embedded in the deck and steel of the ship.
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