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Photo of Daisy Williams who some believe haunts Blair College This week we are devoting UFO Digest to Halloween. We have another five stories starting with the truth about the Amityville Mystery and then tales from real ghostbusters. Another true story about a haunting at Sweet Briar College and then we have an article about office hauntings! Finally we have a story about alien abduction being all in your mind. Photo of Daisy Williams of Blair College. Enjoy.
Truth About The Amityville Murders
Although 30 years have passed, the allure of the Amityville house with its eye-like windows has yet to diminish. Amidst the stories of demonic pigs and ghostly apparitions, the real horror story remained a mystery...until now. Read more.

Ghostbusters investigate the supernatural
The day his landlord came looking for the rent, Howard Hobbs was drunk. It was 1896 and Hobbs had been living on a sliver of an island off the coast of Biddeford, Maine, hunting seals for the $1-a-nose bounty the state was then paying. Story continues.

Is Your Office Haunted
In Orlando, Fla., a landlord is in court battling his tenant, a Japanese restaurant, for backing out of a lease. According to the landlord's complaint, the eatery's owners decided not to move in because they heard the premises "were allegedly haunted by ghosts, unworldly characters, ungodly spirits and apparitions." Story continues.

Sweet Briar's ghosts
Sweet Briar College sits in the gently rolling foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains just south of the small town of Amherst in the Virginia county of the same name. The campus setting is serenely beautiful, with 3,250 rolling acres of meadows and small hills. The academic village sits in the center of this pastoral landscape. Read more.

Close encounters of the mind
Alien abduction is probably all in the mind, according to research presented today. A new study supports the theory that people who claim to have contact with aliens are psychologically vulnerable to false memories. Find out more.

CircleSpeak is a highly acclaimed, independently-produced feature-length documentary on the history of the British crop circles from 1978 through the 1954 crop circle season. Based on years of research, the film is arguably the most thorough and balanced presentation of the crop circle story ever documented on film. Click here.

Spook: Science tackles the afterlife Never mind Heaven, Paradise, or the nonsectarian Great Beyond. Roach is not out to debunk religion, for she has the good sense to separate faith from science. Those are two distinct and parallel realities that don't mix well. Click here.

Start Your Day With A Good Laugh - Marks Friday Funnies.com.
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Tackling the afterlife
Sweet Briar's ghosts
Allison Dubois' ghosts
Ghosts cast darker shade
Is Your Office Haunted?

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