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UfoDigest Newsletter October 31, 2007
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My First Ghost Hunt - The Case of Mrs. T and Her Haunting

This week we celebrate Halloween with Alexandra Holzer's first ghost hunt and then Maria Gousseva writes about vampires and werewolves! Daniel Couzins joins in with Morgawr, the sea serpent of cornwall. Peter Farley is back and is telling a tale of the soulless ones! Doc Health suggests earth was originally covered with a canopy. Cristian Negurean writes about Worlds in Collision. Next, Stephen Yulish gives us his treatise "Salvation for Dummies", and finally, Maya Madkour, writes about the perfect relationship! Enjoy Dirk. For more new articles click here.
My First Ghost Hunt - The Case of Mrs. T and Her Haunting
How many times does one have to explain this phenomena we call the other side? And is the other side way up and around the Universe or is it simply right here, superimposed on our existing world? These and many more questions followed me the evening I decided to answer the call for help and information. Read Article

Legends about Vampires and Werewolves still live today by Maria Gousseva
Modern culture is abundant with stories about vampires. Film producers make many movies about vampire hunters every year, books about vampirism and vampires appear regularly. Feeding on blood has become one of the top issues discussed on Internet forums, especially by Gothic teenagers. What's the official medical opinion about vampires? What is the official medicinal opinion about vampires today? Read Article

Morgawr – Sea Serpent of Cornwall by Daniel Couzins
The Cornish coast is a place of rugged beauty and great diversity. Ranging from sleepy golden bays to wave ravaged cliffs and traitorous waters that have claimed countless ships throughout the ages. What better a place than to set a century old tale about a giant sea beast? However; Morgawr is no story. Read Article

The Soulless Ones by Peter Farley
Volume Two of my work Where Were You Before the Tree of Life? begins with these words, “The Men from Orion are the agents of what Barbara Clow terms “the big lie”—that Orion has engaged in a program of seeding walk-ins—Orion robots—on Earth.” Living in an artificially induced ‘Leave It To Beaver’ view of the world it’s hard to grasp the sheer magnitude of what these words mean and their implication for Earth and what’s going on right now for its inhabitants. Read Article

The Canopy Earth by Doc Heath
"In the beginning....." We've all heard that before.... but how much thought have we really given it? Today, the science community does it's best to explain the unknown to their credit. But there seems to be a willing disconnect when it comes to using certain data when formulating their theories and opinions. Read Article

Eris - The Red Planet and the Worlds in Collision by Cristian Negureanu
The planet Nibiru (which was given the name Eris at the International Astronomical Union, Prague, 2006) was also known as "The Red Planet" in antiquity. A few of the many arguments in this case selected from the book Worlds in Collision, by I. Velikovsky: "It was about this comet that Servius wrote: It was not of a flaming but of a bloody redness." Read Article

Salvation for Dummies by Stephen Yulish PhD
Salvation, i.e. going to heaven, is not based on what we do: That is why there are some former thieves, murderers, adulterers, homosexuals, serial killers, rapists, Satanists, atheists, agnostics, Gnostics, witches, psychics, astrologers, mediums, UFO devotees, paranormal researchers, DaVinci code believers and other so called "bad" people in Heaven and some Crusaders, Church Inquisitors, unrepentant Popes, evangelical preachers, priests, nuns, bishops, Nobel Peace Prize Winners, philanthropists, caregivers as well as many other so called "good" people in Hell. Read Article

How to Manifest The Perfect Relationship by Maya Madkour
Every human being on the face of the earth seeks to manifest the perfect relationship regardless of age, gender, race, religion, or background. It is an innate quality that wishes to make itself seen, heard, and felt. Growing up in Egypt, and being familiar with the culture in the Arab world, the pressure to manifest the perfect relationship is a palpable societal pressure. Read Article

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