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UFODigest Newsletter November 20, 2008
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A young boy after hearing the story of Thanksgiving and how the Indians and the Pilgrims sat down together, climbed up into his father's lap and said... More.
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USAF Pilot Was Ordered To Fire At A UFO In U.K. Airspace!
Professor Milton Torres (ex USAF Major retired)
Happy Thanksgiving, this week David Cayton tells about a USAF pilot was ordered to fire on a UFO in U.K. Airspace! Then Michael Knight reports on a UFO the size of an aircraft carrier. Next, Prof. Josué Gonzáles, informs us that the amazing mothership is back in Peru. See the video! A. J. Gevaerd, editor of Brazilian UFO Magazine reports on the first Brazilian crop circles with photos! Cristian Negureanu writes about Roland Emmerich, NASA and a new movie "2012". Michael Horn regarding Billy Meier, reports that skeptics at the IIG have been caught falsifying evidence. Chris Holly is concerned about time and time keepers. Finally, Stephen Yulish, states that intelligent design and panspermia deny darwinian! Thanks Dirk.
USAF Pilot Was Ordered To Fire At A UFO In U.K. Airspace! by David Cayton.
One night, at the height of the 'Cold War' in 1957, two USAF jet fighter aircraft which were on QRA stand-by (Quick Reaction Alert) at RAF Manston, were scrambled to intercept an 'intruder' which had flown into the U.K. airspace whilst being constantly monitored by ground based radar systems. More...  See Update: More...

UFO "A Flying Aircraft Carrier" says Sabre Jet Pilot by Michael Knight.
Imagine a UFO as big as an aircraft carrier, hovering motionless in mid air, then traveling at speeds up to 7600 miles an hour...and disappearing from radar instantaneously as if its crew were aware that the jet that was chasing them was locked on and about to fire 24 missiles. That, in brief, is the story – true story according to Reuters – of an encounter between a Sabre jet and a giant UFO over Britain in 1957. More...

The Amazing Extraterrestrial Mothership is Back! by Prof. Josué Gonzáles.
Most PUP members are institute students from modest homes. Every one in our contacting team has something to share with one another during a camp: water, food, money, blankets, and especially love and respect. They do not care if they lack modern camp equipment; they do not care if they are hungry or thirsty; they walk like brave young female and male soldiers with only one goal, one mission: to climb the highest hill to film the greatest stuff to share it with you all! More....

Preliminary report about the first Brazilian crop circles by A. J. Gevaerd.
Ufology is mostly all about going to places to examine the facts in locu, examining all the situations involved and looking at the witnesses' eyes, subsequently, checking the truthfulness of the facts. In the particular case of the first Brazilian crop circles, reported at the morning of Sunday, November 09th, 2008, it couldn't be any different. Investigating this case meant seeing what the inhabitants of the little Ipauçu county and other areas in the nearby countryside felt. More...

"2012" Film: Roland Emmerich and NASA by Cristian Negureanu.
A movie being made for release in 2009 ("2012" - Roland Emmerich) is about the end of the world. How would the governments of planet Earth prepare six billion people for the end of the world? More...

Skeptics at IIG Caught Falsifying Evidence! by Michael Horn.
LOS ANGELES, CA – In the latest attempt to attack the Billy Meier UFO case, Derek Bartholomaus, lead case investigator for the professional skeptics organization IIG, deliberately created and published false information about Michael Horn, U.S. representative for the Meier case. More...

We Are Our Own Time Keepers by Chris Holly.
The subject of time keeps coming up in my conversations with people. I constantly hear that time isn’t like it use to be. I know time seems to move quicker as we age. All of us recall those long lazy days of childhood when a day lasted a week and a summer seemed like a lifetime. More...

Intelligent Design as well as Panspermia both Deny Darwinian Chance Evolution by Stephen Yulish PhD.
I was thinking the other day that many of those people who want UFO disclosure by the government believe that life here on earth originated somewhere else in the cosmos. They are not only looking for human origins and see these aliens as saviors of our planet and species, but they also thus deny the current scientific paradigm of Darwinian evolution. They do not believe that we are mere cosmic accidents but are the result of intelligent design by some faraway cosmic benefactors. More...

UFOs Over Phoenix

New Release! Jeff Willes, world-famous UFO hunter brings this new collection of amazing UFO videos. Truly an amazing collection!

Worlds Before Our Own
by Brad Steiger

Worlds Before Our Own

In "Worlds Before Our Own," Brad Steiger argues for prehistoric civilizations. AS SOPHISTICATED TECHNOLOGICALLY as we have become on this planet, we are still pretty much in the dark when it comes to matters of our own existence. Where do we come from? What is our purpose here? What happens after we die? Read Review

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