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UfoDigest Newsletter November 23, 2006
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UFOs, Extraterrestrials and Prophecies Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I've written about a woman who claims that she and her entire family were abducted by aliens. Next, Robert Morningstar writes about the "black hand" in political assassinations. Richard Salva asks if Thanksgiving may have Hindu roots? Christian Macé writes about invisible UFOs. Sam Willey writes about strange light over Plymouth. Mary Alice Bennett writes about strange happenings in the Paranormal Corridor. Lyle Michel gives us the scope on Black Ops! Roy Schaeffer remembers JFK as if he was there. Finally, Peter Farley asks where you were before the Tree of Life? Enjoy Dirk.
Conversations with an Abductee
AI was introduced to a woman who states that she and her entire family interacted with several extraterrestrial alien races for many decades. This remarkable woman's name is Evelyn B. and she is 72-years old. Before she retired, she worked as a reporter. She has a very unique view of her visitors and claims to have felt no fear while in their presence. Find out more. Evelyn's alien looks like above. above.

On the Role of 'The Black Hand' of Political Assassinations in History
The average person struggling with their conscience in the face of dehumanizing conditions, is, like Orwell's hero, "a hero who is basically neither good nor bad, up against the effects of a political system which in the end leaves open but one direction in which he can move - the one toward the movement." Read more.

Does Thanksgiving Have Hindu Roots?
A yoga master made a startling statement: that Abraham Lincoln had been a Himalayan yogi in a past life. President Lincoln established the Thanksgiving holiday in 1863. Research sheds light on a possible Hindu origin for the American celebration of Thanksgiving. Read Story.

The Invisible UFOs
For readers interested in evidence of the reality of UFOs, we will help you DISCOVER THEIR INVISIBLE PRESENCE! Story continues.

Strange Light seen over Plymouth, England
This week I received an interesting report from a British Man named Robb he reported a UFO encounter he had all the way back in the year 1994. He told me that even though the sighting was 12 years ago he still clearly remembers the incident and has never stopped talking about it since. Read More.

Paranormal Corridor - Southwest USA
Using infared binoculars, a researcher in Utah was able to observe a large black animal crawling through a tunnel into our dimension. The ape-like creature moved along using its elbows. After exiting and sauntering off into the night, the anomalous yellow light which contained the tunnel, slowly fade away. Read More.

Black Operations & Government Cover Ups!
It is extremely important to understand that our government employees in "black operations" are professionals. It is also important to understand that some employees in "black operations" feel that the people should be told what is going on and some do not. Read More.

I'm Thinking About President Kennedy: Thinking Outside the (Television) Box
It seems so real. It seems like I was there? In truth I was not. The event seemed so real, that of planes striking the Twin Tower and the falling of massive Twin Towers. Read More.

Where Were You Before The Tree of Life?
Perhaps the most appropriate expression to describe the history of mankind upon this planet is a chaos or confusion. It is full of discontinuities and the sudden, unexplained appearance and disappearance of entire races of people. Read More.

The World's Greatest UFO/Flying Saucer Documentary DVD
"EBE Award" Best UFO/Flying Saucer Documentary. Twenty five years of UFO/Flying saucer information, illustrations, black and white photos, "Daylight" color photographs of Flying Saucers with full explanations of the events. Only $24.95.

Book Review of the Devil's MagnetThe Devil's Magnet Within a few turns of the fast paced pages, Al and Jace find them-selves being aggressively pursued by a huge yacht without warning. Faced with AK47's and the best in weaponry, it is a fight for their very lives. Click here..

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