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UFODigest Newsletter November 29, 2007
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The National Press Club Conference on UFOs: The Tide is Turning by Robert Morningstar
This week Robert Morningstar wraps up his coverage of the UFO Conference (great read). Then, Michael Salla, writes about public policy and ETs. Next, Patrick Cooke, wonders if giants are myth or reality! New contributor, Rich L. Smith, writes about what ghosts really look like. Another new contributor, Danielle Quinlan Lee, writes about residual energy. Finally, Mary Alice Bennett reports on a Tucson, UFO. Enjoy Dirk. For more new articles click here.
National Press Conference UFO Conference Report Part II and III by Robert D. Morningstar
n support of General De Brouwer's call for investigation of the Belgian Black Triangle UFO, I am submitting the following photo enhancements, analysis and interpretation of the Belgian Black Triangle Photos (submitted by Belgian witnesses) who captured the UFO craft on film. The analyst is grateful to the Belgian people for freely sharing their photos with the world in the hope of solving the mystery of the strange aerial intruder and its origin. Read Article See art above.

Exopolitics: Discipline of Choice for Public Policy Issues Concerning Extraterrestrial Life by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D
There is growing debate concerning ‘exopolitics’, which is oriented towards public policy issues concerning extraterrestrial life; and its relationship to UFOlogy, which primarily concerns itself with evidence concerning unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Read Article

Giants - Myth or Reality? by Patrick Cooke
In the human experience, giants are literally the "elephants in the room". When our research first began on this paradigm, we had little knowledge of how extensive the evidence of their existence was. We now have a comprehensive database consisting of over 200 historical descriptions; over half from the United States and the U.K. history, alone. Read Article

What does a 'GHOST' really look like? by Rich L. Smith
As Mary and I lay sleeping on our sides and back to back in our King size bed, I felt a hand gently pressing down on my side at the waist. Still in a light sleep state, I slowly reached up and around with my right hand with the intention of placing my hand on top of hers. Read Article

Residual Energies: Emotion Leftovers
- Part I
by Danielle Quinlan Lee
Have you ever walked in to a home and it just simply felt warm, cozy and the ambiance seemed to hug you like a old, friendly family member? Or have you experienced the feelings of dread, discomfort and impending doom from a house for no apparent reason? Read Article

UFO Over Tucson, Arizona reviewed by Mary Alice Bennett
On the evening of November 11, 2007, I was waiting for my taxi at Fry's market on 22nd St. near Alvernon Road. There appeared to be shimmering white and colored lights hovering over Reid Park a mile down the road. I watched them for 20 minutes as I waited, keeping my eyes riveted to them lest they disappear. Read Article

by John Egerton

See More ufo and Paranormal Cartoons
by John Egerton and Brian Zaikowski

Underground Bases, Reptilians and the Battle for Humanity - Phil Schneider:
Discover the amazing story of Phil Schneider, a man that helped build secret underground facilities for the government. Learn about Phil's claims of secret deals and New World Order plans to sell your freedom out to hostile Aliens.
Only $14.95!

Lost Lands, Forgotten Realms:
There are places that turn up in literature or in film--mystical and legendary places whose names may be familiar but about which we know little. We nod knowingly at the reference, but are often left wondering about places such as Atlantis, the lost land overwhelmed by the sea, or El Dorado, the fabulous city that vanished somewhere in the South American jungles. Other names are more evocative--Mount Olympus, the Garden of Eden, the mystic Isle of Avalon, and Davy Jones' Locker. Click here.

THE SHOCKING TRUTH about the origin of Man that J.R.R. Tolkien knew! Before the "Age of Man" he saw a very different world. Discover the truth of what came before the Flood! Quest for Middle-earth is Dirk Vander Ploeg's personal journey into the past - part science, part religion and part fantasy. Only $14.95.

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