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UfoDigest Newsletter November 30, 2006
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UFOs, Extraterrestrials and Prophecies This week we begin with a exclusive story from Mark Cooper who built a rocket with a built-in camera! Christian Macé writes a story about Big Cats and Train Tickets to Other Dimensions and then gives us a report of a triangle UFO over France. Then Steve Hammons writes about Mysterious Phenomena. Rick Nielsen takes a serious look at alien abduction by comparing the MAAR and Roper Surveys. T. Stokes submits an article on Conventional Science and Metaphysics. Finally, Peter Farley asks about your personal mission. Enjoy Dirk.
Rocketeer Captures Strange Ariel Object - with video
Received an email from Mark Cooper on October 20, 2006. He was wondering if I was interested in watching a video he had taken. This is a very common question that I am asked on a regular basis. But this video was different. To begin this video from taken from a CCD camera attached to a homemade rocket. Find out more. Mark prepares the rocket.

Big Cats and Train Tickets to Other Dimensions
Here is a series of strange stories that happened not too long ago. These strange events were not kept secret from you, since the press wrote about them in detail. But they did not know the whole truth, and that we will cure now with our information drawn from the best sources of the other worlds. Read more.

Triangle UFOs Over France
“On Monday, February 10, 1975, around 8:20 p.m., Mr. Fraisse, a grocer in Carcès, was at the wheel of his car, driving on Route N562 connecting Brignolles to Carcès. Arriving at the locality called “the Old Barn,” he saw a gleam on the roadside. Initially he did not pay very much attention to it. Read Story.

Mysterious phenomena
Millions of people around the world are interested in “unconventional phenomena.” These subjects include UFOs, crop circles, extra-sensory perception (ESP) and “remote viewing,” near-death experiences (NDE) and life-after-death concepts and similar kinds of topics. Story continues.

Comparing MAAR & Roper Surveys
Comparing MAAR & Roper Surveys. A non-chance statistical result is said to be significant. Another way of looking at this is comparing statistical significance to the idea of the 'simple majority'. This statistical significance does not mean 'significance' in the usual sense of the word. It only refers to a result not readily attributed to chance. Read More.

Conventional Science and Metaphysics
Forgive me for a bit of scientist bashing, but I must say that whoever funds experiments determines the outcome. The six men hospitalised after drug trial tests in N.W London recently, were said to be part of an anti-inflammatory drug test at the hospital research unit, the men suffered multiple organ failure, and two are still critical. Read More.

Finding your own mission
Recently, I have had to be involved with a number of people who are not working, either because of early retirement or being on disability, etc. It was very noticeable how being out of the mainstream flow of life effected their ability to maintain any sense of 'normalcy'. Read More.

The World's Greatest UFO/Flying Saucer Documentary DVD
"EBE Award" Best UFO/Flying Saucer Documentary. Twenty five years of UFO/Flying saucer information, illustrations, black and white photos, "Daylight" color photographs of Flying Saucers with full explanations of the events. Only $24.95.

Book Review of the Devil's MagnetThe Devil's Magnet Within a few turns of the fast paced pages, Al and Jace find them-selves being aggressively pursued by a huge yacht without warning. Faced with AK47's and the best in weaponry, it is a fight for their very lives. Click here..

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