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UfoDigest Newsletter December 7
, 2006
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Possible Triangle UFO Video - What a great shot. These are words Christian Henriquez said to himself as he videotaped a beautiful summer sky.
This week one of our readers sends us an UFO video taken with his cellphone! Next, Robert Morningstar writes about "Saving Hubble". Then, Lyle Michel!, claims that the government and the press are confusing people regarding beings from other planets. We have a new writer Carlosox that takes an early view of the Malaysian Bigfoot Mystery. Sam Willey writes about a triangle UFO encountered over Rhyl, Wales. Piotr Cielebiaś reports about a whirling object over Polik, Poland. T. Stokes writes on Police, Psychics and Abduction! Dennis G. Balthaser submits an article "Verification, Confirmation and Facts." B. J. Booth, from ufocasebook.com has written UFO Photographs and Video: The Proof is Out There. Enjoy Dirk.
Possible Triangle UFO Video
"What a great shot." These are words Christian Henriquez said to himself as he videotaped a beautiful summer sky. I received this video from Christian Henriquez on December 1, 2006. What's truly remarkable about this particular video is the fact that Christian used his cellphone to record it. Find out more. Mark prepares the rocket.

Saving Hubble
Do you know that NASA is planning "to throw away" the Hubble Space Telescope by scuttling the spacecraft? The answer is probably "No!" but the fact is that NASA has such a plan in mind in order to requisition another one to be called "The James Webb Space Telescope". Read more.

The Government and the Press Win Their Arguments About Abductees and The Extraterrestrial Phenomena
The government and the press with single-mindedness use one basic premise to confuse people regarding the presence of beings from other planets coming to earth. They ignore courtroom evidence. Read Story.

The Malaysian Bigfoot Mystery
The recent reports about the sighting of a Bigfoot type of creature in the forests of Malaysia is not something new. There have been many such sightings previously in the recorded history of that country. Story continues.

Triangle UFO Encountered Over Rhyl
This week I came across a very interesting report of a flying triangle. The thing that grabbed my attention was the fact that this report comes directly from a trained observer. By that I mean this witness served in the Gulf War operating American stealth craft. Read More.

Whirling Object over Polik, Poland
On 20th July 2006 in Polik [Gawrolinski powiat, Mazowieckie], at abort 9 pm. two witnesses noticed a bright spherical object whirling around 20 meters above the ground and shining with white light. Read More.

UFO Photographs and Video: The Proof is Out There
Much of the skeptical view of the UFO phenomena is based on the quality or lack thereof of photographs and video that purportedly show images of UFOs. Those of us who study UFOs are kind of caught between a rock and a hard place. Read More.

Police, Psychics and Abduction
The U.S. police take reported abductions more seriously than here in Britain. Some British authorities will not even take notes on missing persons before 48 hours has elapsed, and serious enquiries do not get under way in under seven days. Read More.

The World's Greatest UFO/Flying Saucer Documentary DVD
"EBE Award" Best UFO/Flying Saucer Documentary. Twenty five years of UFO/Flying saucer information, illustrations, black and white photos, "Daylight" color photographs of Flying Saucers with full explanations of the events. Only $24.95.

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