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UFODigest Newsletter December 11, 2008
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Q: Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, a dumb blonde, and a smart blonde are walking down the street when they spot a $10 bill. Who picks it up? More.
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Who are the Indigo Children?
This week we have a few new contributors, starting with AJ who offers "Who are the Indigo Children?" Then, Michael Gintowt writes about Jacques Vallee and serious UFO research. I received confirmation of a Magic Mountain sighting. Then, Regan Lee responds to Chris Holly's orbs and UFOs. Next, Norio Hayakawa believes Roswell isn't the only place a UFO crashed. Steve Hammons is back and writing about The Men Who Stare At Goats and transcendent warfare. Art Champoux woke up to the realities of the human mind and finally Tony Elliott connects UFOs to faith and reality. Thanks Dirk

Who are the Indigo Children? by AJ.
Some of you reading this may wonder 'who are the Indigo Children, and what have they got to do with UFOs?' Well, the two subjects actually have a lot to do with each other... The concept of Indigo Children was born from those who were able to see the colors of the human aura, which is our soul's signature represented as a frequency of light energy. More...

Where is the Serious UFO Research? by Michael Gintowt.
Decades ago, Dr. Jacques Vallee called upon the UFO community to conduct serious research. He especially emphasized the need to study the phenomenon from an International perspective. A global phenomenon must involve the entire globe. If a phenomenon is limited to one or two locations on earth, then any hypothesis regarding its origin must logically consider first a mundane, earth-based and human cultural explanation. More...

UFO Seen From Pagoda Tower at Magic Mountain by Dirk Vander Ploeg.
I received an email today from an active member of the Navy who had an interesting sighting some years ago, which confirms another sighting we have reported under the heading Backyard UFO. Because the reader is active in the Navy we will just use his first name which is Aviation ASW Operator First Class Michael (name withheld). The following is Michael's story. More...

Red Orbs/Orange Orbs: UFO Experiences and Similarities from Regan Lee.
Do hidden memories of some UFO experiences, awakened from a suppressed slumber by synchronicities and connections with “strangers" provide clues to a part of the UFO mystery? More....

An Unusual Conference in Dulce, New Mexico by Norio Hayakawa.
RIO RANCHO, NEW MEXICO -- Norio Hayakawa is a resident of Rio Rancho who believes that wild rumors may not always bring a bad name to a community or hurt it. Sometimes they bring curiosity seekers and even tourism. Take, for example, the city of Roswell. "Roswell has raked in quite a lot of tourist dollars all these years... More...

New movie explores transcendent warfare by Steve Hammons.
'Smoke House Pictures was recently in Roswell, New Mexico, filming the action-comedy The Men Who Stare at Goats. How will the film end up portraying early U.S. military and intelligence efforts exploring and implementing what is now sometimes referred to as 'transcendent warfare?' More...

Perceptions versus Realities by Art Champoux.
I had an unique encounter last night that woke me up to the realities of the human mind. As most of you know I live about 5-7 miles from the old Pease Air Force Base. Now this is the problem with UFO research. Let me continue. As I was driving down a back road I noticed a large bright yellow-white light. No noise, no red or green lights just this huge ball shape yellow-white light hanging in the air, or so I thought. But was it? More...

Faith And Reality by Tony R. Elliott.
Before anyone can legitimately, study and research UFOs and their extraterrestrial occupants the issue of faith and reality has to be addressed. Religious faith is the biggest obstacle in finding out exactly who these entities are, where they originate, and what's their purpose for being here. More...

Underground Bases
and UFOs

by William Hamilton

In this presentation, William Hamilton reveals the testimony of an eyewitness who worked for the government inside the secret base beneath Archuleta Mesa near Dulce, New Mexico, including details of the multi-layered installation and joint human-alien interactions!

The Men Who Stare at Goats
by Jon Ronson

The Men Who Stare at Goats

This exploration of the U.S. military's flirtation with the supernatural is at once funny and tragic. It reads like fiction, with plenty of dialogue and descriptive detail, but as Ronson's investigation into the government's peculiar past doings creeps into the present-and into Iraq-it will raise goose bumps. Read Review

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