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UFODigest Newsletter December 13, 2007
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Shape-Shifting UFOs
This week Piotr Cielebiaś is back reporting on an UFO incident in Poland. Next, Christian Macé reports on an Adamski type UFO seen over France. Patrick Heron writes contributes Parts II and III of Prophecies of the Antichrist. Cristian Negureanu submits The Heart-Kidneys Theory and the Psychology of the Future. Received a newsletter from Brooks Agnew, he reports the North Pole expedition is still a go! Richelle Hawks writes about the homespun efforts to contact the spirit world. Then, Danielle Quinlan Lee opines Ghost Hunting Etiquette and finally Star Trek the tour begins January 18! Enjoy Dirk. For more new articles click here.
UFO Incident Over Dabrowa Gornicza by Piotr Cielebiaś
The seventh day of July 2007 seemed to be an ordinary day. But Joanna R. - a woman from Dabrowa Gornicza (Poland) will never forget the incident that took place at that night. Driving her way home the woman noticed some bluish light emerging from the cloud cover… Soon she realized that it was a bluish object of unknown origin that keeps pacing her car… Soon the terrific pursuit ended but it turned out soon that it was only a prologue to more dramatic close encounter… Read the unique relation about one of the most intriguing Polish UFO sightings in 2007. Read Article See art above.

Adamski Type UFO in the North of France, 2007 by Christian Macé
I just received a reader of this blog, "Ufolog 62", the observation of a flying saucer "Adamski", which has been taken by photo "Ufolog 62." ...It was on May 26, 2007 at the Campaign Hesdin, northern France...Here is the summary of observation "Ufolog 62": Location: the Campaign Hesdin-Pas de Calais Read Article

Prophecies of the Antichrist - Part II and III by Patrick Heron
We learned in the first article that what would distinguish this Antichrist who is to come is that he is so powerful he can perform signs, miracles and wonders. But these will be counterfeit signs, miracles and wonders. For another main distinguishing feature of the man is that he is a deceiver. Read Article

The Heart-Kidneys Theory and the Psychology of the Future by Cristian Negureanu
The Anunnaki/ Elohim have been living for the last 450.000 years on the planet Earth - which they created approximately 5 billion years ago - wielding the spiritual control over the mankind. But before summarizing this aspect, here are a few conclusions drawn by the scientists of the twentieth century (J.H. Jackson, H. Ey, S. Freud, C.G. Jung etc.) related to the structure of the nervous system: The human psyche is formed on two levels: the conscious and the subconscious or the unconscious level. Read Article

North Pole Inner Earth Expedition Update by Brooks Agnew
Rumors that the Expedition has been cancelled for this next year were started by us. We needed some time to get some space between us and the powers that "be." We got he time. The Producer has had many dozens of interesting contacts in Hollywood to get us support for the voyage costs. Read Article

The Box at the End of the World: Homespun Efforts to Contact the Spirit World by Richelle Hawks
The desire and models for direct, two-way contact with the otherworld is likely as old as we human beings. Anciently, there are ancestor cults, mushroom cults and shamanistic societies and the like. More historically recently, there are various forms and manners of occultism, Spiritualism, and very recently, the pop-culture phenomenon of ghost hunting. Read Article

Ghost Hunting Etiquette by Danielle Quinlan Lee
For some, a ghostly image may be that of a glowing translucent figure that ominously floats from one room of a house to the next, apparently searching for something or someone, unaware of their own demise. For others, poltergeists are demonic or evil entities that spend their eternal days and nights thinking of ways to torture, frighten and manipulate the innocent human beings that happened upon unfortunate territories. Read Article

Los Angeles, CA – December 5, 2008 – SEE Touring Productions and Metropolitan Talent present STAR TREK THE TOUR, the largest interactive Star Trek exhibit ever, which makes its North American debut on January 18th for a limited engagement at the Queen Mary Dome in Long Beach, CA. Read Article

by John Egerton

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by John Egerton and Brian Zaikowski

Underground Bases, Reptilians and the Battle for Humanity - Phil Schneider:
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Lost Lands, Forgotten Realms:
There are places that turn up in literature or in film--mystical and legendary places whose names may be familiar but about which we know little. We nod knowingly at the reference, but are often left wondering about places such as Atlantis, the lost land overwhelmed by the sea, or El Dorado, the fabulous city that vanished somewhere in the South American jungles. Other names are more evocative--Mount Olympus, the Garden of Eden, the mystic Isle of Avalon, and Davy Jones' Locker. Click here.

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