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UfoDigest Newsletter December 7
, 2006
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Gorbachev and Reagan: A Military Alliance Against a Hypothetical Alien Attack This week Luca Scantamburlo reports on a press conference for Michail Gorbachev when questions about UFOS came up! Cristoforo Barbato shares with us his interview with a Jesuit member of the Secretum Omega! Mary Alice Bennett writes more about black panthers! Next, we have a story by Carlosox about a man-faced eagle. Then Sam Willey writes about a jet fighter sent to investigate an unknown radar blip. Piotr Cielebiaś reports on an UFO in Tarnów area of Poland. Finally, we present a new contributor, Dr Jackie Jones-Hunt, who writes about shamanism in 'Reading from an Empty Book.' Enjoy Dirk.
Gorbachev and Reagan: A Military Alliance Against a Hypothetical Alien Attack
On June 23, 2006 ex-Soviet premier Michail Sergeyevich Gorbachev held a press conference for a large gathering of national and local reporters on the first day of an international seminar entitled "Media between Citizens and Power" at the congress centre of the Venice Province on San Servolo Island in the Venetian Lagoon. The international seminar (June 23 and 24, 2006) was supported by the Venice Province and by the World Political Forum founded by Gorbachev. Find out more. Photo from conference above.

The Omega Secret: The Jesuit Interview
Cristoforo Barbato (received many emails and) In those letters, there was interesting information and in one of these he advised me that I would receive a video tape about observations of a presumed 10th Planet coming closer to our Solar System. Read more.

Man-faced Eagle
Zainal was walking when he saw what appeared to be a large bird swooping from one palm to another. Oil palms are planted in tight rows so large birds like eagles do not have the space for free flight. He could see the bird on its perch, and wanted a closer look. Very slowly, he circled round the bird, until he could see the face of the eagle. Read Story.

Alien Big Cats - Paranormal Panthers -Shape-shifters?
Welcome to the world of extraterrestrial medicine animals and the Trickster who can shape-shift while being pursued. It is more than mythology. A shape-shifter thought to be an adept shaman who has the ability to change form is more likely to be an extraterrestrial entity able to masquerade as a human being. Are there also animals visiting us from other dimensions who can appear to be creatures of Earth? Can they live in two worlds? Story continues.

Incident at RAF Binbrook
On September 8th, 1970, at around 10:00 p.m. a single Lightning Jet Fighter departed from RAF Binbrook located in North Lincolnshire near Grimsby. The ground staff were used to Lightning Fighters being scrambled in a hurry at any time day or night. Read More.

Possible UFO In Tarnów Area
On 26th November between 7 and 8 pm., Mr. Ryszard Grabczynski [38] living in Zawada [near Tarnow, Malopolskie] went outside to took some photos of the Moon with his new camera [Samsung 850 PRO]. At some moment he noticed an unusual object in the sky. Read More.

Reading from an Empty Book
Walking up a craggy path of a mountain on the outlying areas of Amman, Jordan where I used to live, I experienced great excitement and enthusiasm as I was to meet the lady who everyone knew of but few were lucky enough to meet. I had been told that she had airline tickets sent to her by Jordanians living all over the world -these people were rich, in difficulties and wanted her guidance. Read More.

What Are 'They' Hiding?
At long last, Project P.R.O.V.E. has produced movies of our findings in manned spaceflight! It contains segments on NASA anomalies from 1999-2000. Only $24.95! includes FREE SHIPPING until December 31, 2006.

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