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UFODigest Newsletter December 17, 2009
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UFO Captured on Video Over Chile

This week we have UFOs being reported all over the world, from China, Chile, Argentina and Hawaii! Scott Corrales has posted a new UFO video and a new article about cattle mutilations. I received reader submissions of UFOs over Kaneohe Marine Airstation and Beijing, China. Contributor Jim Quirk
Continues from left column...

has written President Obama a letter and explores what happens when official disclosure occurs. Steve Hammons writes about investigative journalist George Knapp and his new college course! Stephane Wuttunee predicts ten reasons why the Copenhagen summit could fail. Then Michael Horn writes about King Arthur and Camelot as told to Billy Meier. New contributor Margarita Troitsina writes about Nostradamus and his prediction of the start of World War III in 2010. Finally Theresa J. Thurmond Morris writes about the abominable snowman and bigfoot. She also discusses humankind and extraterrestrials. Enjoy Dirk.

UFO Captured on Video Over Chile by Scott Corrales. Our friends at NOUFA (Noticiario Ufologico Autonomo) have posted a video from Raul Gajardo Lepold, a long-time researcher whose work has been featured in Inexplicata in the past. The video shows an unusual light in the clear night sky over Angol on December 3, 2009. More... Also read: Is This Evidence of Another Cattle Mutilation?

Amazing UFO over Kaneohe Marine Airstation by Dirk Vander Ploeg. Received a submission from my good friend Frank Abreu on December 13, 2009. Frank had been shoting some photos over Kaneohe Marine Base and when he spotted this upside down V. More... Also read: Unknown Object Over Beijing, China

Trying To Get Answers by Jim Quirk. Because more than a week has passed since I submitted a letter to President Obama requesting he disclose the truth about the extraterrestrial reality on Earth, I decided to take the issue a step further. I called the White House this morning (9:38 a.m. EST, Dec. 16, 2009) and asked the man who answered the phone if the President would soon be responding to my inquiry. More... UFO experts: Shock, panic possible when official disclosure made!

Journalist teaches college class on cover-ups, UFOs by Steve Hammons. How should journalists, the news media and informed citizens handle certain unusual and unconventional topics? To try to find the answers, internationally-known and award-winning investigative journalist George Knapp will be teaching a journalism course at the College of Southern Nevada beginning in January. The course, 'Reporting from the Twilight Zone,' will explore many elements involved in subjects that may be sensitive or secret, complex, strange, and at times, frightening. More...

COPENHAGEN: Ten Reasons Why The Summit Talks Could Fail by Stephane Wuttunee. COP15 is the largest and most important U.N. conference to ever take place. Consisting of delegates from 192 nations, over 30,000 activists, hundreds of military and law enforcement personnel, and dozens of companies and conservation groups, it is nothing less than a politics and campaign driven sludgefest. Unfortunately, it will probably not succeed, at least not in the manner its organizers hoped for. More...

The Truth About Merlin, King Arthur and Excalibur by Michael Horn. King Arthur, or Artus, king of the Celts, contrary to today's depiction of having been a hero or the like, was absolutely not a courtly king in shining armor, nor a good-hearted and noble hero. King Artus was a fierce sixth-century clan leader, a 'war king', who led his pagan warriors in bloody battles and raids. He was a slaughterer and kept the name the 'Boar of Cornwall'. His 'knights' truly were bloodthirsty murderous thugs as you say. Artus himself was Merlin's protege, a pupil of Merlin the druid, for seven years. More...

Nostradamus Predicts World War-III Will Begin In 2010 by Margarita Troitsina. According to astrologists and prophets, the next year of the Yellow Metal Tiger will not be easy. Researchers of Nostradamus’s predictions talk about some mysterious Virgin whose death is wanted and about the appearance of some “heartless, blood-thirsty” leader who will rule with “sword and fire.” Pavel Globa, a famous Russian astrologist, thinks that the year will be easier for Russians, but Europe and the USA can expect another economic downturn. More...

Abominable Snowman, Big Foot, Sasquatch, Yeti by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris. Based on my two sightings of a large hairy biped creature one dark brown or black and one lighter brown with red tinge, I suppose that these creatures in North America could be brothers in their own species. The colors would be part of the classification and taxonomy. Some may consider these creatures extinct while there are too many sightings to be considered extinct. Some may call these large shy giants one of the alien creatures left on this planet to survive like the rest of us humanoid species. More... Also read: Humankind Among Extraterrestrials in the Intelligent Being Category

What On Earth?
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Rosslyn Chapel
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