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Makes a Great Christmas Gift

Makes a Great Christmas Gift

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King Kong is based on fact I wish you a Happy Holiday and a Merry Christmas. This week we list the top 10 stories read by you. Did you know that King Kong was based on a true story. Russians have developed an airplane that can fly from Moscow to New York in 50 minutes! Archaeologists discovered a 5000 year old Sumerian settlement and science proves ancient astronomical knowledge was correct! Dirk
King Kong Based on True Story (sort of)
The idea for all the movies about King Kong are based loosely on the exploits of William Douglas Burden, a trustee of the American Museum of Natural History. It was his search and capture and the eventual fate of these creatures that inspired the story of King Kong! See photo above. Interesting!.

UFO Digest Top Ten Stories of 2005
The year is almost over and although a flying saucer has not landed on the lawn in front of the White House, there have been very interesting events, that tease us in believing that actual alien contact is only weeks or months away. Read more.

Moscow to New York in less than an hour
Traveling around the world in 80 days seemed incredible in days of old. Traveling around the world in 80 minutes seems incredible today. Only cosmonauts can travel so fast. But things are changing. Story continues.

Sumerian Settlement Discovered in Syria
CHICAGO - An excavation project on the Syrian-Iraqi border has uncovered an ancient settlement wiped out by invaders 5,500 years ago. Read More.

Sumerians, Aliens and Voyager 2
Ancient Sumerians possessed extensive knowledge of the Solar system without telescopes. Find out more.

Bonus Story
Resurrection of Mammoth Theoretically Possible

Scientists have mapped part of the genome of the woolly mammoth, a huge mammal that's been extinct for about 10,000 years. The breakthrough could lead to recreating the creatures. Story continues.

Bulgarian UFOThis video was sent to us from Mr. Mann. He shot this unusual UFO on March 28, 2005 at 4:24 in British Columbia, Canada. The craft accelerates rapidly and shoots straight up. A must see!

The John Tosti StoryThe John Tosti Story - DVD-R
UFOs, Abduction, Black Helicopters & Implants…John said he watched them move along slowly for approximately three to four minutes before they disappeared. Click here.

The Truth About MediumCracks in the Great Wall: Charles Upton has placed the UFO phenomenon in the context of comparative religion and traditional metaphysics.. Click here for review or click on book cover to purchase.

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