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UfoDigest Newsletter December 21, 2006
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Beams of Broken Light This week Christian Macé reports on an important UFO case in Vancouver! Piotr Cielebiaś gives us an update on UFO sightings in Poland. Stephen Piperno asks "What Makes a Place Get Haunted?". Carlosox adds another spooky story - "The Ghost That Lived In A Computer". Stephen Yulish PhD contributes his article - The Upcoming Great Deception. Glenn Kimball writes about "Paranoia". Peter Farley writes a timely piece focusing on what is important! Finally, I contribute an article about the alien threat and the conditioning of mankind. Enjoy Dirk.
Beams of Broken Light
On January 1, 1970 around 7 p.m. in the southern part of Vancouver Island, Canada, a UFO was seen by several people living in Mill Bay. It resembled a moving vertically oriented “egg.” According to the principal witness Jim Drummond, at one point “… something left this object… It was like a ray of light similar to a very thin neon tube, and it was broken, somewhat like the dots and dashes of the Morse code. The light came down in a curve then, in a flash, it died out entirely… ” After this strange performance, the object first went up in altitude and then disappeared towards the south. Find out more. See illustration above.

POLAND: Recent Photos - Czestochowa Disc and Janiki Lights
On 24th November an interesting incident took place in Janiki village. A man driving his car noticed an unidentified object flying over his vehicle. He managed to capture the alleged UFO on a photo. Soon another one object resembling a classic "flying saucer" was photographed by chance in nearby Czestochowa by Mr. Zbigniew K. Read more.

What Makes a Place Get Haunted?
Many hotels, cemeteries and prisons are said to be haunted. Places like Alcatraz, Stull Cemetery in Kansas City, Kansas and the Adams Mark hotel in Buffalo, New York are said to have ghost roaming around. Why do ghosts tend to stay in certain locations and keep far away from others? Read Story.

The Ghost That Lived In A Computer
">Although it may not be right, I put it down to some component of the computer malfunctioning as the ghost entered and left the machine. Story continues.

The Upcoming Great Deception
It is my sincere belief that this deception will be that those left behind will believe that we who were taken, and millions will suddenly disappear, were actually abducted by UFOs rather than have been caught up to be with the Lord in the air. Most people would rather believe in aliens and UFO abductions... Read More.

The following is a classic definition of Paranoia: "This condition manifests itself as an unwarranted tendency to interpret the actions of other people as deliberately threatening or demeaning. People with a paranoid personality..." Read More.

Focusing on What is Important
No matter what kind of deadline we face in life, towards the critical final phase we always need to focus all our attention and energies on what it is that must be done first and most importantly. Read More.

The Conditioning of Mankind
Are we being manipulated by entities in league with world governments, religions and corporations? Are they preparing the way for an extraterrestrial invasion? Read More.

What Are 'They' Hiding?
At long last, Project P.R.O.V.E. has produced movies of our findings in manned spaceflight! It contains segments on NASA anomalies from 1999-2000. Only $24.95! includes FREE SHIPPING until December 31, 2006.

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