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UfoDigest Newsletter December 28, 2006
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2006 Wrapup Sunday night bring in 2007 in style and safety! Read my review of 2006 and see why I call it a watershed year. Piotr Cielebiaś shares a report and photos from Kielce, Poland. Sam Willey writes about an important sighting of a triangle UFO. Another Sam tells us his story of sighting in Detroit, Michigan! We discover 'The Price of Infidelity' by Carlosox in a supernatural tale. Steve Hammons offers a couple of new articles: Information on unusual phenomena... and one about Naval Seals and remote viewing! Enjoy Dirk.
2006 Year End Wrapup
From the stories I have investigated, to those contributed by writers and those from eyewitnesses, 2006 was indeed a monumental and unforgettable year for ufodigest.com and ufologists. I was discussing this very thought with Errol Bruce-Knapp, host of The Virtually Strange Network and the radio program Strange Days…Indeed (CFRB Toronto, Canada). Something was in the air we agreed. Find out more. See illustration above.

Alleged UFO photographed in Kielce
On 15th December 2006 at about 15:20 Mr. J.B. took photos of a plane passing over Kielce - Uroczysko from a balcony of his flat. He used a Canon Eos 350D digital camera. Read more.

The A1 Triangle Incident
Sam Willey discovered this strange account of a Triangle UFO on the internet and considers it quite an important sighting as the witness who has to be referred to as "Mr. A" as he would like to remain anonymous is a pilot. The strange incident occurred in the early hours of October 26th 1999 and Mr. A was on his way back from a concert in Doncaster and was on his way back to Newcastle reasons for being in Newcastle was because his job involves a lot of travelling from place to place and staying in hotels. Read Story.

Detroit UFO Sighting
He pushed the unlock button on his key remote when he noticed his co-worker just froze while looking over his left shoulder. He turned his head east and looked up. He noticed a bright light next to many stars, but this one just stood out and was probably only a mile and a half in the distance. "Only one light that I saw, he said. It might have had a little color to it. He's certain that a second or two passed before it just shot southwest gaining height before it disappeared. Story continues.

The Price of Infidelity
Ramu was a tapper in a rubber plantation in Malaysia. He was about twenty eight, married with two kids. He was an extremely handsome man with a physique to match. Needless to say, the ladies in the plantation all fell head over heels in love with him. Read More.

Information on unusual phenomena...
Can research into anomalous topics like extrasensory perception (ESP), life after death, UFOs and similar unconventional subjects be used as part of official or unofficial information operations to help resolve military and other conflicts around the world." Read More.

Navy SEAL officer's report on 'remote viewing' urges 'transcendent' intelligence
As part of his studies at the Marine Corps War College, in 2001 a Navy SEAL officer submitted a paper on the interesting phenomena often called "remote viewing," a form of extrasensory perception (ESP). Read More.

What Are 'They' Hiding?
At long last, Project P.R.O.V.E. has produced movies of our findings in manned spaceflight! It contains segments on NASA anomalies from 1999-2000. Only $24.95! includes FREE SHIPPING until December 31, 2006.

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