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Solar Obliteration a decade later - and counting

by 'John Bro' Wilkie

For over twenty-five years Mexico has been a hotbed of UFO activity. We have the solar UFO sightings stated in this article and in March, 2004 over Campeche state, the Mexican Air Force pilots filmed 11 unidentified flying objects in the skies over southern Campeche state in Mexico, a Mexican Defense Department spokesman confirmed.

August, 1991. Mexico City. It was to be a hugely celebrated event. Astronomers had forecast a total eclipse of the midday sun. Across the city, thousands of people had gathered in the streets, in the parks, in the front yards of their homes. Hundreds also had their video cameras with them.

When the event actually occurred, folks marveled at the sight. Yet soon it became evident that the spectators were getting more of a show than they had bargained for. Simultaneously across the region, citizens began witnessing, videotaping and reporting UFOs flying in proximity of the position of the sun. Hundreds of videos are said to exist.

At this point in history, the Internet did not yet exist, as we know it today. The story of this event could only be disseminated via television on affiliates, newspapers and post. In Mexico and Latin America, the mass sightings were receiving major news coverage, principally from the Televisa Network. Incidentally, this singular even was the catalyst that launched nationally-recognized news anchorman Jaime Maussan into the international spotlight as a UFO investigator.

Back in June of 1995, while pondering the Mexico City sightings, then reading a published article entitled 'SkyDancer' by Bill Hamilton - I stumbled upon the 'Solar Obliteration' method for videotaping what can only be described as UFOs. They are unidentified, moving around up in the atmosphere and are apparently objects. In its truest sense, this is the correct definition. Within a few days, I had drawn up the original diagram of what I simply called 'The Technique' (for videotaping unusual aerial anomalies).

'The John Bro Technique' as it has also become recognized, was only meant as a 'beginner's trick' for those that were new to the field/hobby of Ufology. I truly believe that many objects in the sky are not seen because of the 'daylight stealth' techniques they employ, intentionally or naturally. The removal of the direct light in one's line of sight greatly reduces glare.

I found that if I could look up right next to the sun without the blaring brightness coming into my eye or camera lens, some things that I would otherwise not have seen became apparent. It is akin to the difference that is made when donning a pair of Polaroid sunglasses on a sunny day. What a thrill and life-changing experience it can potentially be, to actually witness an unexplainable phenomenon for one's self.

Within a few years, I had shown the experiment to people all around the planet. It was exhausting, incredibly time-consuming and left me with the feeling that the response was more questionable than the presented materials. I finally left the public part of the genre, seemingly to its own will. Five years ago I stepped away from the UFO field.


One day recently, I was showing my mother some of the advanced features on the Internet, when I had the bright idea to introduce her to the concept that the Search Engine is a very powerful tool. For instance, 'We' decided to do a web search for my nick-name, "John Bro." We were surprised to find that there were 12 pages of reference hyperlinks available. My mother was excited and told me that she wanted to look through some of them. I took her on 'The Tour.' After a couple of minutes of this, my mother turned to me and said; "So…. These people are making money off of your stuff??"

I had to think about it for a moment, then replied; "Potentially…. Someone out there…. on the long list….. Yes. "

Her response to me was; "Then what about you doing your own website?"

I've had reason enough in the past, but the present is different. And so am I. As I clicked around the 'John Bro' hyperlinks, I found that although I have been away from the UFO genre' for several years, my theories continue to proliferate. On several occasions, I would indiscriminately click to a website hyper-link that would take me to a page where a person was giving testimony of 'Solar Obliteration.'

Now, eleven years later, I continue to receive updates from people around the world. I have received articles and references from across the globe. It is like a cigarette tossed out into a forest, just smoldering away. Here we have a repeatable experiment that continuously produces positive results. Yet, for many, "Solar Obliteration" was just a 'flash in the pan' or 'flavor of the week.' For most, the consequence of these findings did not register into their psyche.

Others called it a hoax, while another contingent has felt that we are simply mistaken. They feel that the ever-expanding collection of images is the result of lens flares, or glitches in cheap personal video cameras. Others think that we were merely recording blurred images of bugs. It is quite laughable to them.

"You can lead an editor to data… but you can't make him think."

These 'Nay-Sayers' have not had the experiences that I have had to drive them to pursue this. They have not seen the videos - only the on-line video captures, or print images. And they probably haven't had it come into their homes. I don't know. : )

A decade ago, I had my "15 minutes of fame" in the UFO community. And all of these years later, the activities of the unknowns, and the validity of 'Solar Obliteration' continue. People are, at this very moment, finding out about 'The Technique' for the first time. For them, it is brand-new. If this is all so viable, as the author says; why has this information apparently not had much impact?

Back in the mid-1990s, when I was so entrenched in this UFO business, I certainly made 'the rounds.' It started with the "SIGHTINGS" television show camera crew coming over to my place in late 1995. They were laughing and joking at me when they arrived. After the verbal interview, we went out and actually performed the 'Solar Obliteration' method and got positive results. The director's demeanor changed greatly after that.

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