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The Phoenix Lights
by Steve D.Am.

Two silverly objects are seen hovering over a northern part of the Estrellas Moutains. The two objects are quite close together and very close to one of the hills, not far from touching the ground. There are several other mountains in the shot including one aircraft flying overhead at a higher altitude. The objects remain in a rock solid hover for at least one minute. Suddenly one of the objects disappears into nothing and is gone. Then another object appears except its farther away and flys into the scene from behind a mountain. As its cruising to the left,this object does a sudden "jump" to another position. In 1/30 of a second it appears to travel over half a mile, then resumes its normal speed again. After this happens the original object hovering more in the foreground suddenly drops.

They don't appear to be flares in the video, and since most of the objects maneuver in a fashion flares can't. I would rule that out of this video. The exact location of the UFO ground area will be investigation by the entire Arizona Skywatch International with help from Village Labs. I was invited to see this video, and it was also viewed by Bill Hamilton.

What this video does prove is a theory. Something is going on by the Estrella Mountains and whatever it is, military, or ET. They're coming in low and the videos are coming closer to actually videotaping one on the ground.


DATELINE: June 30, 1997

There is still a hive of UFO activity in and around Phoenix! Many people reported seeing the objects, described as glowing balls of light. Eyewitnesses videotaped the sightings, and these tapes were played on the local Arizona nightly news as the "lead story"!

UFO activity is continuing!

Just this week, on the evening of Wednesday, April 16th, several people,reported a fantastic UFO sighting over Uptown Sedona. It consisted of two rows of glowing objects that appeared to be connected by a cylindrical object.

It was extremely slow moving, and emitted a very low humming sound. It maneuvered unlike any airplane or helicopter that the eyewitness had ever seen. It also did not make any typical airplane or helicopter sounds. The local, state, and federal governments continue to deny any knowledge of these UFOs.


DATELINE: June 25, 1997

Monday June 23, 1997, I participated in a radio talk show in Gainsville, Florida, hosted by Todd Lewis. Todd's guests were Tom Ley and Jim Diletto of The Phoenix Lights fame.

The discussion basically was an overview of the incident with Mr. Ley retelling the events and Mr. Diletto expressing his belief in UFOs and how he was reconstructing the sighting using a virtual reality model. Mr. Ley made some comments concerning his sighting of the craft on March 13, 1997 in Phoenix, Arizona, which I'm not sure had been previously reported.

Everything I had read stated the craft slowly flew over Phoenix and once again slowly drifted away. Mr. Ley states the v-shaped craft shoot into view traveling at mach 1 or higher before coming to a halt over his and wife's head.

He also stated the craft was not black, but non-descript and blended in with the sky.

He also stated that the craft had a row of lights which were only discernible when the craft was banking at the correct angle.


DATELINE: June 23, 1997

Riddle of the biggest UFO yet.
Bill Coles (in New York)

The biggest UFO sighting in the history has left defence chiefs baffled - and thousands of witnesses are now convinced we are NOT alone. A giant V-shaped object with red and white lights cruised silently for 200 miles over Arizona. The slow moving UFO the size of three football pitches, was visible for nearly two hours. It was first spotted by a retired cop - and soon police were flooded with reports.

Pilots and air traffic controllers were among the witnesses. Dozens of people shot video footage as the UFO passed low over Phoenix at around 8:15pm on March 13. And despite three months of computer analysis, no one yet has come up with any explanation.

Trucker Bill Griener, 51, watched three fighters scramble to intercept the mystery craft. He said: "It shot straight up and disappeared. I've seen something that don't belong here."

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