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UFO sightings from around the world. Even more UFO photos here. Non-UFO Photos

UFO Digest does not take responsibility for the authenticity of these photos. They are provided for your enjoyment, education and investigation. Some of these UFO photos are undoubtedly fakes, some are the real thing. As always, we present this evidence as is and leave it to you our visitor to judge the evidence for yourself.

new type UFO
Hawiian vacation UFO
sky full of shooting stars or UFOs
sky full of UFO stars
garage made UFO
photo opportunity UFO
cigar shaped UFO
UFO watching policemen
flying saucer over mountains
camping trip UFO
jewel in the sky UFO
UFO through car windshield
mountainside UFO
weather vane UFO
UFOs over powerlines
Muliple UFO Lights
amber UFO
UFO over forest
Triangle UFO and fighter jets
Are 'rods' alive or UFOs?
UFO over China town
Bright Star UFO
UFO over desert
UFO from airport runway
Twin UFOs over outback
UFO landing in wasteland
bullet shaped UFO

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