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Journey to the center of the Earth
starts in Provo

by Jacqueline Lee
NewsNet Staff Writer.

Posted May 2, 2006

A belief that the earth is hollow and inhabited within has caused a 
Provo man to plan an expedition to the North Pole and possibly to the 
earth's interior.

A belief that the earth is hollow and inhabited within has caused a Provo man to plan an expedition to the North Pole and possibly to the earth's interior.

Steve Curry owns an expedition company in Provo. For over forty years he has organized fly-fishing, kayaking, river rafting and trekking trips around the world. Many locations of his trips are exotic and fascinating, but his next destination is something way out of the ordinary.

Curry was contacted by Rodney Cluff, author of "World Top Secret: Our Earth is Hollow," to organize an expedition to the interior of the earth. In his book, Cluff explains the theory of the hollow earth.

There is no guarantee the expedition will find anything, but if nothing else, the people will get to go to the North Pole and the Siberian Islands, Curry said.

Curry has chartered a nuclear icebreaker with the capacity for 108 passengers for the purpose of taking a group to find the polar opening.

The expedition is scheduled for June 26 to July 19, 2005.

Curry said people from all over the world have expressed interest in going on the expedition.

"I am getting three to four calls a day about it," Curry said.

Passengers will have to come up with the funds to pay for the expedition. Costs range from $18,950 to $20,950 per person.

According to a survey done by LDS author R. Clayton Brough, 4 percent of the LDS population believes in the hollow earth theory and that it is a probable explanation for the location of the lost 10 tribes.

Cluff has been investigating the theory for years.

"I firmly believe there is a substantial amount of scientific, historical and scriptural evidence to support the theory," he said.

The expedition will go to the North Pole in search of the polar opening, which Cluff said he believes is marked by land about five degrees from the pole.

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