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Journey to the center of the Earth
starts in Provo

by Jacqueline Lee
NewsNet Staff Writer

Past explorers and indigenous Eskimos have reported seeing a mirage of land in that vicinity.

According to Cluff, there are some people in the government who are aware of the opening to the inner earth but have tried to keep that knowledge hidden from the public.

"We have indications that the U.S. military does know about it," he said.

Discovering the inner earth will set off a new age and a revolution in education and all aspects of society, Cluff said.

"We believe that in this expedition we, the people, have a right to know," he said.

Cluff said has written about religious believe that he expects to be proven when he goes on the expedition. One of the beliefs is that the inner earth is inhabited by the throne of King David from the Bible, and that the political kingdom of God is located there. He also believes that the lost Garden of Eden is in the hallowed earth, and its inhabitants are friendly, highly civilized and mostly members of the lost 10 tribes. Cluff also said the inner sun, which is located in the inner earth, is the throne of Jehovah and a paradise for the dead.

Other beliefs he said he hopes to prove include that UFOs originate from the inner earth, and solar winds and the inner sun cause the northern lights.

The only other record that exists of any sort of expedition to the inner earth is from explorer Admiral Byrd. According to the belief, Admiral Byrd flew through the inner earth in 1947, Cluff said.

Source: The BYU Newsnet, UT

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