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That Important First Psychic Reading

by Sandra Strong

Painting from the Spanierman Gallery
You've decided to go and see a psychic, but you have no idea what to expect when you get there. Fear not! No black-robed, turbaned Dracula will greet you at the creaking door. Almost without exception you will be at the simple home of a young or old man or woman, a rather everyday sort of person. The only thing that may distinguish them from your neighbor might be blue eyes, (a personal theory of mine), and a sense of "listening" to you even before you open your mouth.Let's take what you might find if you go and see a tea cup reader.

You'll be invited into a private part of the house, seated comfortably, and be poured a cup of tea. You might even get a couple of cookies. While you're drinking the tea, she'll probably just chat about local news. As for the tea, don't get nervous about it. It will likely be nothing more exotic than Lipton's. Once you've finished drinking, there will be little bits of leaf stuck along the bottom and sides of the cup. The psychic will ask you to turn the cup over and make your wish. Then she'll turn it upright and begin to "read" the tea leaf patterns.Sometimes you'll be able to see the designs she sees, like a small horse, or a house, but generally, I wouldn't count on that. The designs are small and sometimes positioned upside down or sideways. Since you turned the cup over, there may also be tea leaves in the saucer, which the psychic can read. Depending on how it goes, she may add a little more tea to the cup, and have you drink it so she can "read" more.

Don't feel shy. Ask questions as they come to your mind. Since the tea leaf reader is actually a psychic who is using the tea leaves for a focus on you, you can ask any question, and an answer may be given to you.Perhaps you've chosen a psychic who prefers to read cards. At her house you'll be seated at a table. Little or no snacks will be served. He or she may use Tarot cards, or regular playing cards, sometimes only part of the deck. You'll be asked to shuffle the cards and make your wish. Then the cards will be divided into three piles and you'll choose one.

Your choice will help determine the outcome of your wish. You could be asked to shuffle the deck again, and it will be divided again for you to choose one of the piles. From here she'll begin to place the cards down on the table in a pattern of her own. As she does this, she'll begin to give you information about yourself and your future.Here again, if you want to ask a question, do so. And remember to write down her answers to your questions.

Here are some of the experiences I've had with various psychics. There was Mary in Toronto. She lived in a small house in the older part of town. She had the difficult life I've learned to expect from psychics. A hard childhood in poverty, and a marriage to an alcoholic who once tried to kill her. Psychics are often in the dark about their own futures, much like we are about ours. Her living room was crowded with various religious symbols given to her by grateful clients. She herself was a devout Protestant. She took my wedding ring, and began to "read" it. A strange rasping noise came from her throat. She said they were the spirits talking through her. But her information came from God, through these people. Several of the things she told me about my future did come true.

Then there was Annie in Sarnia, Ont. She looked like a leprechaun, tiny, bright blue-eyed, white-haired. She lived in a tiny house with an enormous creche at the front door. It held the nativity scene of Christ. It lit up at night so all who entered her home could view it. She was a devout Catholic. Sometimes, when clients called her, she "listened" to God speak to her, and refused to see them. Sometimes, she told them to come to her immediately.She read tea leaves.

The last time I was there, she refilled my cup five times, and told me many things. Many of them have come true. But she can't know that because she died a year later.

And finally there was Vera, from Milbank, Ontario. She was small and bright, too, with clear blue eyes. She was the only psychic who is licensed to practise her art in Canada. She worked extensively with the police and the RCMP. The chief of police in her region said she had a 99 per cent accuracy rate. She said 65 per cent, because she said only God has a perfect record. There are so many psychics. Try more than one.

All my experiences have been about like this. Let me know how yours goes.

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