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Alien Skulls
by Robert Connolly

These skulls are so numerous in the area of the Nasca desert that you can find small makeshift museums in the backyards of the locals. They dug up their ancestors so you can view their remains for a small fee. Some skulls show the evidence of ancient brain surgery that prove their ancestors possessed certain abilities that modern science has just recently discovered. Stunned, we wondered why we had not seen photographs of these skulls before. Our guides explained their church leaders feel these skulls are the work fo the devil, the offspring of the fallen angels in the Bible.

In Mexico we found the same types of skulls in a museum in Merida, a city close to the ruins of Palenque. Lord Shield Pascal had the same elongated skull, an image which is found engraved on his tomb. Erich Von Daniken has described the drawings as Pascal sitting in a rocket ship. The conquering Spaniards found the natives deforming their heads to make them appear more "god like" and the priests declared them devil worshippers. Mean while in Egypt, King Akhenaton was also regarded as a heretic and all information about this king was obliterated until just recently. These finding prove that the rulers of these advanced societies all shared the common bond of huge skulls and brains that probably provided them with superior intelligence. This information has been shared by secret societies and religious leaders for hundreds of years and up until now they had decided to keep these secrets for themselves. All who first see the pictures feel... "They show proof of beings from another world." It seems that these conclusions were deemed to be too shocking for the average person and that these skulls were to be dismissed as deformities and hidden far from public view. That is, until President Fujimori took power in Peru. He had decided to allow the skulls to be photographed and has brought them to the attention of the world.

Resistance to publishing the photographs has remained, and there appears to be a world wide cover-up of the skulls true origins. The only answers seems to be that public knowledge of "Fallen Angels" or ancient astronauts would disrupt society and the world's religions.

I told Joel Mills he would probably face the same struggle to get the photos published in the CD ROM, just as we have encountered with the various news media. He felt sure that the time was here and now to wake up the world, and that the movie "Stargate" was just the beginning. I wished him luck and success with the idea and sent him all the material I had in my possession to document the facts he needed.

Several months passed and then one day he phoned to tell me he had left the CD ROM production team and that none of the skull photographs would be included in "The Secrets of Stargate". After several run-ins with executives in Hollywood, the pictures wee deemed to be unsuitable for inclusion in "The Secrets of Stargate." He was much happier with his new job promoting a public speaker that teaches the history and wisdom of ancient Egypt and again asked for permission to use the photographs, but this time for private presentations only. He had learned first hand about the powers that have kept these pictures hidden from the public.

This article originally was published in the first edition of THE 'X' CHRONICLES Newspaper in May 1995.

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