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The Soviet UFO Files: Paranormal Encounters Behind the Iron Curtain
by Paul Stonehill

The Soviet UFO Files: Paranormal Encounters Behind the Iron Curtain

The Soviet UFO Files: Paranormal Encounters Behind the Iron Curtain

Encounters with the unexplained have been well-documented in the West. But what do we know about what that other great power of the Cold War era, the Soviet Union, thought of such matters?

With the collapse of the Soviet Empire, it has become possible to find out what the Russians discovered about 'unexplained phenomena.'

For the first time, The Soviet UFO Files tells the amazing story of those Russian 'X-Files'. From government reports and the doctored testimonies of Russian cosmonauts and KGB officials that sought to suppress evidence of UFO phenomena, to reports of mid-air battles with alien spacecraft, The Soviet UFO Files uncovers the startling truth.

Comments by the author: I feel I need to add a few words about the book. The publishers gave me only 124 pages to write about Soviet and Russian UFO phenomenon. I was able to include as much fascinating information as possible; to give more details and discuss cases and patterns, I would need hundreds of pages. But this is a great book, and a good introduction to the subject for those who know little about the secrets of Soviet paranormal phenomena. There are addresses of Russian and Ukrainian researchers, should you wish to contact them. Western readers will learn of such amazing stories as the Ishimba 1953 incident over the taiga; strange account of the Phobos II demise; will see excerpts from the KGB files; and follow reports of Soviet military observers who had to report starnge objects in the sky over their nuclear missile silos, submarines, secret cosmodromes...Chernobyl, Monchegorsk, Dalnegorsk,Tunguska, the World War II sightings, ancient Russian UFO sightings...the book covers a lot. Again, I am proud of my efforts, and am eternally grateful to my contacts in the former Soviet Union, modern Russia, my country of birth Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and all others. Whether you buy the book or not is up to you, but I felt I had to defend it against a very unfair review.

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