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Future Spaceships Flight to Mars in 2.5 Hours

Future Spaceships Flight to Mars in 2.5 hours
An artist's drawing of what a future spacecraft might look like leaving Earth en route to the Moon or Mars. Source:

Dresher’s colleague Joachim Hoizer, along with a U.S. scientist John Kelvin and a Russian academician Nikolai Kozyrev supported the theory. According to them, a fast-spinning circle combined with a ring-shaped magnet in a strong magnetic field can “push” a space ship to other dimensions where different values of the natural constants, including the speed of light, may exist. The machine will be capable of creating anti-gravitation by moving a spaceship in regular space. “We’re not trying to challenge the existing laws of physics, we are expanding our views on them,” said Kelvin.

“Academic scholars would have reacted quite skeptically to such argumentation had it taken place a few years ago,” says Prof. Pimenov. “Nowadays the situation has changed. The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics recently published a list of last year’s award winners for the best theoretical works in aerospace research.

“The instructions for a space drive based on the Heim quantum theory” by Hoiser and Dresher was awarded in the category “The Future Flight.”

According to New Scientist, the work is a collection of speculations on the possibility of making a material object pass into the so-called parallel space (or “other universes) and return.

The dreams of a time machine are beginning to take shape in America . The so-called Z-machine is being built by the American National Laboratory Sandia. The machine is one of the world’s most powerful “impulse” sources of a magnetic field and the most powerful generator of roentgen rays. Similar experiments are being conducted in Moscow , by the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics under the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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