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The Flying Triangle UFO Mystery

The Flying Triangle UFO Mystery the extraterrestrial-terrestrial secret joint ventures in different parts of the world?

The Flying Triangle UFO MysteryThe strange triangle shaped UFOs have been sighted in almost all parts of the world by now. Last year people in Himalayas even reported these triangular objects coming out of the ground from underground bases. What are they?

These are large, triangular-shaped UFOs, often black in color, with rounded corners and making a low, humming noise. They disappear in horizon at unbelievable speed. These are big crafts and show up from nowhere.

The first sighting of these mystery triangles was recorded and reported in 1965. Some say it was first sighted in 1950s. For some time people have said these are secret military projects the next generation stealth aircrafts. But why are they flying the same way since sixties. How come the technology never changed in last forty-five years?

According to many these Flying Triangle UFO Mystery objects are the outcome of direct transfer of technologies from extraterrestrials to human civilization in different parts of the world.

The triangle shaped UFOs use anti-gravity propulsion. They also use superconductors to create the electromagnetic flux as well as anti-gravity propulsion. That is why the humming noise comes out. Many of these are available all over the world because most likely the technology has been transferred from the extraterrestrial aliens to human civilization in different parts of the world.

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