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They Hover Above Us by Venda Jones

This is a 59 page book of nothing but photos of starships. You can even see building structures and openings on these crafts.
The purpose of this book is to expose the lies and deception. These images are real and you can see these star ships on any clear night. Most people think they are looking at stars in the night sky. They disguise themselves as stars and they even hover next to stars were we will think they are the stars as the earth makes it’s rotation.

We have been deceived not only by our Govt., but NASA has not shared their info with us either. I ask this question of all the space travelers, “How can I stand here on the earth and get all these photos, and you have never shown not one image of these craft?” If I can stand here on the face of the earth and see these craft, I know NASA and others have also seen these star ships. Why the lies? Why the cover up? We were lied to about Roswell, and area 51.

The purpose of this book is to show others what I have seen over the years. I know what these craft are and I know some of those that fly in these craft are very evil. They hover above us right now, but I just wonder what happens next??????

About the Author

My mind takes me back to my childhood were it all begin for me. I remember that I loved nothing better than to lie on top of a dog house and stare at the stars in the night sky. This was a time when America was talking about putting a man on the moon. I can remember wishing I could be the first person to walk on the moon. As I lay watching the stars twinkle in the night sky, I wondered even then at such a young age if they were watching me. I remember thinking, “I am looking at you, are you looking down at me?”

My dad told me about the time when I was three years old and we were all taking a walk and he noticed I was not with them. He and my mother turned to look for me and saw me pointing up at the sky. Dad said he looked and could not see nor hear anything. He said a few moments passed and then he was able to hear a plane in the distant. A few moments later he was able to spot the plane.

Over the years I had put the star watching out of my mind until the age of thirteen. It was then that I saw my first UFO. I was walking down a country road one night and I looked to the left and saw a low flying object. My first thoughts were that a plane was flying too low. It did not take me long to realize that this object was not making a sound, so I knew this was no plane. This was in 1963 and America did not have a plane that could dart up and down over trees. This object followed along beside me until I reached the house. It disappeared behind the house and I never spoke a word about it to anyone. I have had many experiences and I have never reported or shared them with anyone except family, and close friends.

It has been over 42 years and I have kept my silence. As a Christian, I had doubts on whether to take these photos and share them with others. Being a Christian, I hate lies and deception and I feel it is time for mankind to wake up and be aware “They hover above us.” Our Govt. has kept this knowledge hid far too long. There is good and evil in the beings that fly in these star ships. The evil ones uphold Satan and are his servants. Look up and see the signs of the latter times of this earth age. It is time for mankind to make a choice in whom they uphold. This is a freedom of choice given to all of mankind by almighty God. It is time for the truth to come out about those who “hover above us” for they are not going away.

For more information on or to purchase They Hover Above click here

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