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Dragon or not, she and Apsu mated and had an odd assortment of offspring. These children grew up to become the new Gods of earth. They were apparently unruly and disrespectful to the parents; causing Apsu to complain to Tiamat, Apsu claimed that the children were loathsome. They bothered him constantly; preventing him from getting any rest. Sounds pretty much like a typical family; children running amok and parents stressed to the limit. Still, Apsu's solution was a bit drastic. He planned to murder his children!

Tiamat begged Apsu to reconsider and not to destroy their children. Somehow, the children learned of their father's plans and struck first. They attacked him, bound him and then murdered him. Tiamat was distraught by the treachery of her children and could not be consoled. Her offspring were as defiant as ever, so to avenge her husband, she gave birth to a second brood of children. Since, Apsu was dead, I can only assume the pregnancy was divine intervention.

Marduk fighting TiamatAnyway, in time she gave birth to a ferocious assortment of devils: giant serpents, roaring dragons, lion-demons, scorpion-men and the centaur!

Her original children decided that a fight to the death with their mother and her new brood would not benefit them. After seeing them, the original children realized that their new siblings were a virtually undefeatable army and that any confrontation with them would be disastrous.

Another plan had to be implemented. They had to convince one of their own to fight their mother in single combat! One of the children stepped forward and accepted the challenge of combat with his mother. His name was Marduk and he only had one condition. If he was victorious in combat he was to be recognized and acknowledged by his brethren as king of the universe! His immediate family accepted.

The combat began and as all good storytellers describe…it was an epic struggle! Marduk was victorious and slew his mother. He had a magic net, in which he captured all of Tiamat's new brood, and he killed them without hesitation. He also was rewarded with the Tablets of Destiny, which were found hidden in one of the offspring's bodies.

As the new God of the universe, Marduk created both the heavens and earth. As you may remember, Marduk has been mentioned earlier in this book. He was the king of Babylon. In this retelling of the creation myth, Marduk's name replaces that of AN, supreme God of the Anunnaki.

There are unexplored regions of the earth that still may be home to dragons today. Reports from China tell of eyewitnesses who had been present at various dragon sightings. In 1944 a black dragon suddenly fell from the sky crashing to the ground in the Chen Family's Weizi Village in Heilongjiange province. 11

The dragon was very ill and near death. It was described as being covered with scales and had a horn protruding from its head. There may also be photographic proof of dragons!

In June 22, 2004, an amateur photographer shot a picture from an airplane flying over the Himalayas Mountains. It appears to show two dragons in flight. Although, the photographer didn't capture the entire bodies of the creatures in-frame, what we see is quite amazing and thought provoking.

Captured are conical bodies, tampering to what we can imagine are tails. Reptilian looking scales are clearly present and what's most remarkable about the objects is that they appear to be in-flight, high above the actual mountains.

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