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Glenn Kimball is an author, educator and lecturer Glenn Kimball is an author, educator and lecturer. He has successfully completed all course work for a Ph.D. in Communications. He was the former president of International Exchange School and has taught school at Southern Illinois University. He has been collecting ancient texts since the age of fifteen and is famous for being able to integrate very diverse texts into a contiguous story line. Due to the censorship of time and doubt, most of the documents and oral stories chronicling the early life of Jesus were destroyed, lost, or forgotten. After 25 years of research, during which Kimball visited museums, Indian tribes, medicine men, and universities, he assembled some of the missing links and unsolved mysteries of Christianity.

The Tribe of Dan: Traveler/Merchant

by Glenn Kimball

The greatest secret at the time of Jesus, as precious as the sacred/secret temple ceremonies themselves, was that a man could travel forty times farther in a boat per day than he could by caravan.
The greatest secret at the time of Jesus, as precious as the sacred/secret temple ceremonies themselves, was that a man could travel forty times farther in a boat per day than he could by caravan.
One can only imagine what it would have been like to live in the ancient world filled with strange unknown places. The mysterious caravans and ocean vessels would often bring tales of adventures, cataclysm, war, treasure, famine and very strange customs. Those who told the tales focused on the differences between people rather than their similarities. The mysteries of their tales made the distances between people greater than they really were. The barriers of language made the imaginary distances next to impossible to fathom. The rare spices, stones and cloth from unknown places were valued far beyond their worth just because they came from distant lands. It must have been amusing to witness the royal families of Europe consume more than an ounce of spices in a single meal, just because they were rare. We can’t imagine why the armies of Rome would allow themselves to be paid in salt (Salary) rather than in hard coins. It is hard to imagine the Pharaohs of Egypt worshiping boats just because they brought unusual commodities from afar.

The greatest secret at the time of Jesus, as precious as the sacred/secret temple ceremonies themselves, was that a man could travel forty times farther in a boat per day than he could by caravan. It was a secret that was jealously guarded. The fact that the Phoenicians, Egyptians, Romans, Chinese and others guarded the secret to the oceans prevents our understanding to this day of how freely the ancients sailed the world. Secrets are the first things lost over time in history.

The cost and security of ocean transport made it the preferred method of merchant traffic. The distance between India and Rome was shorter via the ocean than it was via the Roads built by Rome. Therefore, Britain was the sea port to the world of the East, though Britain was located in the west.

By nature men have a lust for adventure and can not be confined, though historians would like to suggest that the ancient world was transfixed into place, incapable of global travel. It made little difference if their boats were crude and the engineering of their sails and oars lacked vision. Men would not be denied with the lure of what lay beyond the setting of the sun. The secrets of sea travel were not located in libraries because it required a “tale of two cities” at the same time. Historians are notorious for their lack of ability to recount history from two perspectives at the same time.

The stories of travel were among the first to be forgotten and lost, though it was the secret of travel that was the lifeblood of nations and made countries rich. Egypt gathered the wealth from the interior of Africa and sold it abroad. China gathered the wealth of the spices and stones and the fabric from worms and sold it for gold in the west. Rome trafficked in goods from the Far East and fed Europe with import of grain, the staff of life. The Incas became rich because of the gold in their streams, the drugs grown in the high mountains and in the mysterious jungles. India trafficked in pearls and precious stones and took goods from the East and sold them to merchants from the west. Judea at the time of Jesus became rich because of the most modern seaport in the world at Caesarea near the childhood home of Jesus. Jesus and his father worked on building that city…(See “Hidden Stories of the Childhood of Jesus”).

More money was made in merchant traffic than was made via conquest. Conquest was the art of one-time plunder, when trade was the single most important ingredient of continual income.

Boats hugged the shore lines where possible in their merchant ventures, but the ancients with the secrets of sea travel learned the intricacies of trade winds and currents and the maps in the stars. The secret financial legacy of the Magi/Druids was their knowledge of the stars discovered within their stone circles on the plains of Britain. This learning made these ancient priests as valuable as gold and were invited to sit along side all the recorded emperors of China, kings of India, Pharaohs in Egypt and Caesars in Rome.

Truly they were “Wisemen” who became rich because they knew how to go from here to there via the charts in the night sky. They began their early global missions as holy men teaching the people of the world about the gods but learned quickly the secrets of money when their understanding of the heavens provided the motivation for merchant travel. They passed their secrets to the Phoenicians, Greeks, Egyptian sailors, Palestinian Pharisees and eventually the Templars/Cathars and the fabulously wealthy Islamic community who occupied Western Europe and Northern Africa for a thousand years. It was no accident that the first “Checks” written in the history were written by the Islamic community drawn on Templar banks for trade conducted in India during the time of the transition between the Fraternal Order of John the Baptist (All nine original Templars were from that order) to the prosperous Templar dynasties. The strange part of the story was that it occurred at the very same time as the crusades when Templars protected the Christians in route to the holy land occupied by their supposed enemies the Moslems. Money spoke louder than politics.

We can only speculate the price the Templars paid to dig in the Islamic-held temple mound in Jerusalem during a time of impending war. The temple mound was the sacred place where Mohamed ascended to heaven and where Jesus died on the cross. The Templars found a treasure deep inside the mound that fit on the back of a single horse and was taken swiftly to France, the homeland of the Templars. That treasure changed the name of the fraternity from the “Fraternal Order of John” to the “Knights Templar”. Historians miss the significance of the name Templar. It had nothing to do with the Holy Grail. If that were true then the Templars would have changed their names to the knights of the grail. It should seem obvious that what was found really had more to do with the ancient Hebrew temples than Mohamed’s ascension, something the Islamic community never understood and apparently neither do historians. What was found was part of what was sacred/secret to the Templars and easily lost to modern historians who still have no clue why Moses carried an ornate canvas housing through the desert and why it took hours to celebrate, or execute, the temple rites on any given day. Hiram of Tyre knew because he was both the architect of Solomon’s Temple and took a copy of the temple ceremonies for himself.

Both Solomon’s and Herod’s temple were capped by a very small chamber which contained the Holy of Holies, but few notice the rest of the multistoried temple beneath. The Jews today pray against the Wailing Wall several stories below the site of the Holy of Holies. That is where the Templars dug and found their treasure. Again that which was sacred facilitated trade.

Among the first to learn the secrets of the ocean were the descendants of the tribe of Dan. Dan was the only one of the twelve tribes not to have an ancestral homeland in Judea. This wasn’t because Dan had sinned against his father or that he had lost his birthright as part of the legitimate twelve. Dan’s birthright was the ocean and to defend the tribes with his famous army and to ultimately traverse the world to every continent bringing merchandise back to his tribal clansmen and spreading commerce to the world. He was also responsible for carrying the texts abroad which would be used to judge the nations with their moral teachings. Dan was the firstborn of Rachael’s household. Rachael said, “God has judged me” with reference to Dan. The name “Dan” means to sit in judgment or to rule and began the tradition of preceding a person’s name with the title “Don”, “Din” or “Dun” out of respect. Jacob the father of Dan said that “Dan shall judge his people”. The symbol for Dan is found in his tribal flag which depicted the serpent/dragon and or the eagle with the serpent in his talons. This symbol is found in India, China, Africa, and Europe and as far away as the ancient Americas. It is no coincidence that the winged serpent of the temples in Teotiahucan in Mexico is both the symbol of God and judgment. Both the society of the temples at Teotiahucan and the exodus of Moses from Egypt happened roughly at the very same time around 1500 BC. The symbol of the eagle with the serpent in his talons appears on our coins, paper money and is used for the symbol for the bureau of Native Americans to this day.

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