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The Great UFO Hoax - The Final Solution to the UFO Mystery
by Gregory M. Kanon
from Galde Press, Inc. $14.95

'An interesting take on the UFO enigma...certain to be controversial'
Brad Steiger, author of Gods of Aquarius

The Great UFO Hoax - The Final Solution to the UFO Mystery

The Great UFO Hoax - The Final Solution to the UFO Mystery

The Great UFO Hoax is a no-holds-barred expose that will forever change the way you think about UFOs. Author Gregory M. Kanon lays waste to disinformation efforts of the military-industrial complex to reveal - for the first time ever - The Final Solution to the UFO Mystery. The recently declassified government documents, and scientific reports. Kanon penetratesa the inner sanctum of the 'government within a government,' as one U.S. Congressman has called it, to answer questions that others have feared to even ask.

Why have reports of crashed UFOs and 'little bodies' come primarily from 'former' military intelligence officers?

Why have these officers not been imprisioned - or worse - for violating security oaths and breaching national security?

Why did General Douglas MacArthur, forty years ago, assert that Earth would be invaded by beings from another world, and why have world leaders and military higher-ups been repeating this pronouncement ever since?

What is behind the recent rash of movies, documentaries and books promotion alien-invasion scenarios?

Gregory M. Kanon is a writer, artist and psycholtherapist. His articles have appeared in newspapers and magazines in the United States, Canada and abroad. He is the great-great-great grandnephew of American author Ambrose Bierce.

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