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On Multi-UFO Craft Maneuvers Captured in Photos Over British Columbia, Canada 2005, Brazil 2006, and Penang 2006
by Robert Morningstar

During the past year, several photographers have captured formations of UFO Craft of different shapes and sizes, hovering and maneuvering over populated areas for several minutes at a time.

The real question for me is "What the hell are they doing?"... during those complex maneuvers when they "loiter" in plain view for minutes at time for all the world to see. It must be something very important for them so blatantly to carry on in such a manner over populated areas to be photographed by the public.

Very often, (and we hear this more and more often these days as more digital cameras are employed), the photographer just gets "a feeling" to take a photo and finds the UFO craft in the photo afterward while not have noticed it at the time the photo was taken.

Original Penang, Malasia UFO

Photo shot in Penang, Malasia showing multiple UFOs. Click on photo for enlargement.

Strange photo from Brazil showing can-opener-looking object. Just hovered in mid-air!

Photo from British Columbia, Canada, showing frog-shaped object.

Photos above show four craft over British Columbia in 2005 and more recently UFOs maneuvering over Brazil and Penang, Indonesia.

The enlargement enhancement that I've attached of the Penang, Malasia photo indicates other craft that went unnoticed may have been present in the distance.

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