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British Columbia Sighting

This video was sent to us from Mr. Mann. He shot this unusual UFO on March 28, 2005 at 4:24 in British Columbia, Canada. The craft accelerates rapidly and shoots straight up.

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Krusnador, Russia UFO

This video is becoming more and more common place. UFos are being videotaped in broad daylight as witnesses look on. It was shot in Krusnador, Russia in 1990.

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Reporter Captures UFO

This video is one of the most amazing I have ever seen. If it is authentic it could be the proof needed for the world to believe in UFOs and alien contact.

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Mexican UFO Invasion

Two new fleets of UFOs have been filmed in the skies of Mexico City on April 11, 2005, by photogrpaher Arturo Robles Gil, increasing the expectations that the uncommon wave of UFOs is the largest sighting in the world. This is a mystery that keeps the Mexican people in a state of excitement and uncertainty. The sightings had happened in full day-light and had started with a formation of seven objects. Read the whole story.

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