Josh Reeves: The Mysterious Rock Wall of Rockwall Texas - Ancient Mystery

Josh Reeves joins Dr. Rita Louise on Just Energy Radio where he discusses the ancient rock wall discovered in Rockwall Texas.

Alien-like entity hovers over Spain - VIDEO

This is a very fairy like glowing orb that is moving through the neighborhood that was originally reported in June 2013. 

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The Mystery Of Giants Of North America

Hugh Newman joins Dr. Rita Louise on Just Energy Radio where he delves into reports of giant humanoid creatures that lived during remote as well as relatively recent times in North America.

Stranger At The Pentagon

Craig Campobasso joins Dr. Rita Louise on Just Energy Radio where he discusses his upcoming video Stranger At The Pentagon which delves into the visitation by extraterrestrials to the White House during the Eisenhower presidency.

Expert Peter Kling claims 2013-2017 is key transition ending in positive timeline

Mr. Kling's analysis shows that by 2017 humanity, with transformed consciousness and DNA, is on a positive timeline.

VANCOUVER, BC – In an interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Hermeneutics expert Peter Kling explores the timeline from 2013-2017 as a key transition for humanity and the Earth as set out in a 3.5-year period commencing March 21, 2013 (3-21-13). The Old and New Testaments are, according to Mr. Kling, Exopolitical documents containing a history of extraterrestrial and interdimensional relations with humanity and Earth. Decoding these texts, Mr. Kling identifies a first phase of 2014-15 that represents the rollout of the New World Order (a global dictatorship), with trigger dates starting on 4-14-14 and coinciding with four full lunar eclipses and two solar eclipses all of Hebrew holidays, an unprecedented celestial configuration (See Figure A). At around 2016, Armageddon comes as a culmination of this 3.5-year period and is actually, according to Mr. Kling’s Exopolitical perspective, a liberation of Earth by advanced ethical Extraterrestrials from the New World Order and oppressive bloodline monarchies and bankers. To add to transformation, earth changes may accompany this transition around 2016 in the form of a Nibiru-like event, with a brown dwarf twin star to our Sun transiting the inner solar system.

Roswell UFO incident Google Doodle

In this short video we will show you how to solve and finish the Google Doodle Roswell UFO incident game. There is two ways of solving the game, for more information on the second solution to solve the Roswell UFO incident game go to

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Massive Bee deaths over 36 million found in Elmwood Canada

600 bee hives have been found dead in Elmwood Canada and the owner believes it is due to pesticides and GMO corn seed. Purdue University and Holland Utrecht university have evidence of pesticides being responsible for massive bees deaths.

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Tom Carey: Inside The Real Area 51

Tom Carey joins Dr. Rita Louise in Just Energy Radio where he discusses the UFO crash at Roswell and the happenings at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base - the Real Area 51.

UFO flies over Brazilian Protest in Sao Paulo

Video capture of a UFO checking out the Brazilian Protests in Sao Paulo! Maybe they're adding their support?Go Aliens!

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New UFO Sightings Documentary

Incredible UFO footage from Seattle Washington! Tom Ogle shares amazing Video and Photos of what appears to Be A Huge Flying Saucer, Including Bizarre UFO Photos! Special correspondent To Thirdphaseofmoon Eric McCarthery of Seattle Washington Investigates This Close Encounter! If you have captured anything Amazing regarding UFOs contact Thirdphaseofmoon Via Skype or Facebook! 

DULCE BASE: the truth and evidence from the case files of Gabe Valdez
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In 1976, Gabe Valdez became one of the leading investigators into the cattle mutilation mystery that was spreading across the United States; based on his employment with the New Mexico State Police.
As he started investigating the mutilations on the Gomez ranch outside of Dulce, New Mexico, he stumbled into much more than he bargained for.
His investigative findings led to a close friendship with Paul Bennewitz who was involved in a massive government-authorized disinformation campaign originating out of Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
The harrowing tale of Paul Bennewitz led to the story of the alleged underground alien base near Dulce, New Mexico. 
For the first time, you will see what really happened in Dulce during the 1980's and you will see what the government does not want you to know. 
This true story is full of plot twists that were intentionally created by Air Force Intelligence and other clandestine Intelligence agencies associated with the United State Government. 
This book will separate fact from fiction and you will final be able to see the truth. 
Get ready to read about military projects that are still currently classified and get to the bottom of this mystery. 
You will now have access to photos and evidence belonging to Paul Bennewitz and others which tell a very interesting story which have never been released to the public. Conduct your own crime scene investigation as you access evidence from the website which you can cross reference with the book and make your own conclusions.
Norio Hayakawa's blogsite:
UKs MoD Releases Final Batch of UFO Files

Highlights from the final release of files from the Ministry of Defence...

A UFO in Britain is making news today after Ministry of Defense files were released. Several of the files show photos of objects in the sky that some believe are UFOs. On June 21, CBS News reported that new information as to why the military shut down its UFO desk a few years ago has surfaced -- there's just not enough evidence to prove anything one way or the other.

A UFO in Britain would be quite amazing but there have reportedly been a lot of alleged sightings. Of course people say that the objects in the photos are likely birds, airplanes, or drones... but these so-called "X-files" could hold something more -- to those who believe, anyway. In 2009, over 600 sightings had been reported in the area. So what gives?"The 25 files detail reports of alien abductions, sightings, offers to develop weapons to shoot UFOs out of the sky - and the reason for the UFO desk's shutdown. Among the documents - spread out over 4,400 pages - was a memo to then-Defense Minister Bob Ainsworth in November 2009, saying that the UFO operation was 'consuming increasing resource, but produces no valuable defense output,'" CBS News reported.

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Granada TV News Interview Re: MoD Files

Publisher's Note: Pat Regan emailed with the link to his interview with Andy Bonner for Granada News. Enjoy Dirk


It has been a busy few hours. I got up early to do two radio interviews with the BBC.

The subject of Mod files is currently a ‘very’ hot one.

Subsequent to this, Andy Bonner interviewed me in the Woodvale woods (Southport, UK) for Granada News.

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UFOs and Fireworks Over Taiwan January 1!

UFO Descends Over Taipei, Taiwan during Fireworks, Jan 1, 2012

Note: This building in this video is 101 floors tall, no airplane or helicopters were in the area, especially near the building.

Me and my family were in Taipei waiting for the fireworks when my wife yelled out to me to look. I turned around toward the 101 building (once worlds tallest) and saw a glowing white orb descending from the sky. It moved away from and then toward the building and seemed to land on the lower part of the top,  or disappear on the other side. As the countdown began for the fireworks, this UFO began to slowly move away from the building and then eventually came near the ground heading back into the fireworks. At that point the fireworks were to bright and I lost sight of it. SCW

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Compilation of Captured NASA UFO Footage!

From Viral Quickies

The best compilation for NASA UFO alien footage captured on camera.