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What is an UFO?

by Dirk Vander Ploeg

unidentified flying object
Definition: un·i·den·ti·fied flying object (un'i-den't?-fid')
1. A flying or apparently flying object of an unknown nature, especially one suspected to have been sent by extraterrestrial beings.
2. A flying saucer.

By definition, an UFO is an identified flying object. That is any object that is not easily recognizable as an airplane, bird etc. is an unknown object and therefore an UFO!.

Many people also refer to flying saucers as UFOs.

People have reported seeing UFOs since the beginning of recorded history and can be found painted on cave walls of early man. There are even isolated African tribes that have oral histories that describe flying objects and their inhabitants.

Various religious paintings, throughout the ages, also have depicted mysterious flying objects in the skies.

Today, with advances in technology, our skies are literally filled with all types of flying objects, including: space stations, satellites, commercial and private aircraft, ultra-light craft, blimps (Goodyear Tire has a blimp (dirigible) that takes ariel video of sport events) and those classified secret vehicles owned by the military. More than ever before, witnesses are reporting strange shaped objects in the skies. These sightings are occuring both during the night and in broad daylight.

Triangle shaped objects have been reported all around the world with the most fascinating sightings occuring in Phoenix, Arizona in 1997. Thousands of witnesses saw a black mysterious object which some say was as much as two miles across and totally silent. Others claimed the object had transparent properties. That is they could literally see stars through the object. This famous sighting is known as the 'Phoenix Lights'

Cigar and cylindrical shaped objects have also been reported as well as spinning tops and traditional flying saucers.

This photo was taken with a cellphone!
Digital cameras, camera phones and camcorders are common items owned by millions of individuals all over thew world, resulting in literally thousands of sightings daily. Unfortunately, almost all lights in the sky are down-to-earth traditional airplanes. From a distance with extreme zoom all objects even commercial aircraft appear to be mysterious objects maneuvering in the night skies.

The United States Airforce when it investigated UFOs and published Project Bluebook, admitted a few percentage of UFO sightings could not be explained by traditional means. That is the objects were not commerical or military aircraft, planets, stars, meteorites, comets, shooting stars, weather balloons or swamp gas. They were simply unknown!

I have listed below a series of links that will give you more information about UFOs, including eyewitness reports, photographs and even UFOs caught on video!

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