2012 Paranormal Metaphysical Science Peer Review


Metaphysical Science Peer Review Journaling in 2012
ET UFO contact may involve out of body experiences.

Life on earth may be about remembering. Lifting the veil on past lives is part of many religions. I have memories I cannot explain and I believe that I was asked to share with others who are searching in science and in spirit.

As an extraterrestrial unidentified flying object contactee, I recently had another death and returning experience where physical and mental bodies are concerned on earth. Some call this NDE and others OBE. Regardless, I had to learn about being alien hybrid. I think and have learned to become aware of the five parts of being an intelligent beings and part of the creation. Now, I am better about what others call the future, I am a visionary.

The God particle has both dark and light matter. We avoid the black holes but use the wormholes for travel in space. Patience is a virtue of the Gods and Goddesses of creation. The meaning of science and religion are only tools the same as all other subjects in the academic world of education.
Discovery through creation of all matter is grouped into various forms as part of life and death. Some spirits have not found their way to the light because they are lost. They choose to hover around what is known on earth after physical death has occurred. Energy inside all of us never ceases to exist.

Organize thoughts communicate and write while on earth. Our creators have worked for thousands of years to train beings. This does not exclude the intellectual and spiritual portions of the sentient intelligent beings. The higher intelligent beings can explain later.

Nevertheless, for and to those colleagues of mine thank you for working with the human mind. Those of you who are excelling as spiritual intellectuals will be rewarded. We all have gifts and blessings provided in our DNA by our creators.

To those who are just now joining me in my communication of ET UFO information on the many levels that are required on earth and to those who have created their own following of people who desire to know and understand the future, be patient.

While desiring to assist in the overall goodwill awareness on earth of the extraterrestrials, and unidentified flying objects, which are simply spacecraft, we are also asserting ideas of creation with those of crop circles to infuse a form of creation and connection among all beings on earth.

Symbols have been a way to relate in pictographs. Contacts were chosen to spread the word. There are others more intelligent, come, and go in ET UFO flying saucers or space crafts. This has been used in the past for awareness and awakening the human spirit.

Thought time in the past, many oral traditions were forgotten until there were crop circle symbols sent after the “hunters and gatherers” were divided under Abraham. The human species should have developed further than we recently are observing on earth at present.

Because we choose physical or mental force, we simply check in with our chosen beings. We from time to time give a small nudge of influence in a positive direction. We allow freewill to superimpose our suggestions. We offer suggestions during the sleep portion of life on earth. There are parallel worlds and other dimensions to be explored. We sometimes travel through wormholes and are gone in what is termed time on earth. We always leave our guides and guards as a fleet for communication and protection.

This is sometimes played out in the dream portion of ones thought process while on earth. This can be found in symbols and in words used in prior history of earths tribes on earth.

Humans have two distinct sides of the brain one male and one female. There are other parts of course but most can see the two parts and the motor development loss or gain in stroke victims.

All humans are created the same with 2 sides of existence 1 part man and 1 part woman in symbols this is displayed as 50% male and 50% female creation matter We are all paranormal and transgender or asexual in chemical energy, space, and mind. We experience much as cause and effect, and activity on earth while alive. The five levels are alpha, beta, theta, gamma, and delta in the human existence.

We have so much to explore and to capture in our own personal memories to take with us when we lave earth at some point as spirits. Personal experiences will be reviewed after leaving earth.

Concentrate on healing the separations of all beings on earth while creating a future in space. There is knowledge in the future in the form of wormhole travel to other galaxies. Remember we have guides and guardians above who have allowed us our freedom of will and freedom to choose in our own minds. Nothing or no one can take away our freedom of our mental body from our mind.

We are alive on earth to learn from our experiences and to gather our experiences to create memories to use in our next lives back either on earth or in space.

The future is important and visionaries and futurists will lead the way. Paranormal ET UFO contact is important and past lives being part of intelligent beings may be simply raising the veil of our human existence. There are parallel universes and other dimensions to explore. One has to open the spiritual mental body to explore a path without fear.
There are many paths and way to live.
I learned in my many past lives that when I as a student am ready that the master will appear. This lifetime, I was given a blessing of “GOD” or the “God Particle” as those in particle physics may say. I am one who believes that science and spirit are one in creation.
My out of body experience had to do with life and death issues. This last near death experience (NDE) or out of body experience (OBE) was not during surgery. This was a spiritual experience, which was a life changing experience with guides to and from space visiting an extra biological entity (EBE) or commonly called in plural meaning more than one as extra-terrestrials (ETs). I learned from certain spiritual beings that still believe in religions that they prefer to call these beings angels and God.
Is science truth or fiction? What we once thought was truth in science is now fiction? Some cultures believe in faith and religions of one kind or another. There may be truth in both religions and science. Truth today may be fiction in the future.
We can focus on existence for our family, culture, world, and ourselves. We are here to learn and explore life on earth. Trust and fear are as opposite as cause and effect.
Some believe in past lives. Some people can remember past lives. I have memories that I cannot explain any other way with names in me like Tara and Sothis. Does it matter if we can remember or as some say the veil is lifted on this lifetime?
As our basic growth, requirements are met, i.e. food, clothing, shelter, contact, we can search for deeper meaning in knowledge and wisdom. Spiritual Intellectuals and Science are no longer at odds. Trust in science and fear of the unknown are two sides of the same coin. The secrets that were kept for the prophets and visionaries are being found. This is a time of revealing and the generation gaps are closing globally. Science need not be in fear of religion but should embrace it for the cultures, societies, and traditions created on earth. We learn from our adaptability and mistakes. Anthropology and Archeology are needed.

Anyone human will fight for survival. Communication is sometimes not an option when we are alone. Male and female are up for the task of existing on earth. Living is usually preferred over death. It is time to complete the full circle of understanding once again.

Therefore, priorities were sorted for us before we came to earth.

First was the right to life.
Second was the will to survive.
Third is choice to live and find one’s back to the creators.

Evidence comes in time to each living spiritual soul. Some receive guidance and wisdom and some must work for knowledge.

Part of the spiritual growth in life is considered suffering among some religions. Those thoughts are manmade. We are spirits.

We shall learn to share more of our spirit while in these vessels or units we call body-mind-spirits having the birth-life-death experiences together as one species.

Ascension Age is the awakened awareness of our critical conscious mass mind does effect all of us on planet earth. Check out planet information ET work.com at http://planetinformationetwork.com by TJ Morris & Friends for continuous updates by various writers of the paranormal metaphysical science peer review journal.

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