The concept of an Extraterrestrial Cultural Center is thrilling to me! For the first time, this will be humankind saying to the races of the universe, “We recognize you, we offer peaceful contact, communication, and friendship. We are here, in this spot in Geneva. In this building there are human experts on your diverse species and experts on your visits to our planet, Earth – that is, as expert as we can possibly be, because you have not yet contacted us openly. So please come and do so. We wish to learn more! Let’s get started!

Specifically, here is what is hopeful and inspiring about the ET Cultural Center which is no longer just a dream but is in its early planning stages and on its way to reality. After all, once we humans THINK it, it becomes REALITY, have you noticed this? 

1. I am excited about the ET Cultural Center because for the first time, common human beings are available in a cohesive, educated-on-UFOs, group. We will display openness and curiosity to the UFO occupants who have been in our skies since the human race began. Names you know well in UFO research will work in the center; these are highly respected UFOlogists who have had contact and/or who have studied the UFO phenomenon for decades. We humans will stand our ground as friendly, educated humans, so it is not like a saucer landing in your backyard and even though you are curious, you run away in fright.  Here will be our human representatives who are able   emotionally to meet face to face with ETs, future humans, ultra-terrestrials and inter-dimensionals. 

2. I am excited about this prospect because we need a united group of civilian experts to insist that we are equal to ETs as fellow universal life-forms. In no way will humans be inferior. As it is, ETs fly overhead and we are puzzled, often frightened and always at a disadvantage. They know us but we do not know them. Perhaps they are even waiting for us to get ourselves together and present an educated, brave group whom they (the ETs), can interact with as one nation to another. This center gives humans a chance to present a united front with dignity, courage, equality, and peaceful state of mind. What other chance is there for this kind of connection?

3. Which brings me to my third reason: The ET Cultural Center will be a civilian center, a place of the common people. It will not be military, it will not be government, it will not be the official Human Embassy. I am sure there will be a Human Embassy someday, but this is a civilian center. It is not like the Roswell Museum because it is not a museum, it is an active center looking toward the future. It affords a place for dedicated, intelligent UFO researchers to come together with each other and exchange thoughts and information, also.

It is envisioned that ETs (using “ET” as an umbrella term), will assist in this project, perhaps offering only messages at first, such as the telepathic-like message which inspired this dream in the first place – which is becoming reality. Then, as the center is actually built, established, and functioning, it is hoped ETs will be a vital part of it on an ongoing basis.

As John Lennon said, “They may think I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one…”

In fact, our ET Cultural Center is already in the detailed planning stages, as Ed Komarek has reported in his articles on UFO Digest

Ask yourself, is this not the best way – maybe the only way – which humans and ETs will be able to communicate? ETs landing in a backyard while the human runs to get his gun, is not an answer for us or the ETs.

Our planet is in severe trouble environmentally. Societies and governments across the planet are in severe trouble. The human race seems to be floundering and fearful, no longer brave and adventuresome. 

What do we have to lose? If the ETs want to wipe us out, they will in a second; however, they have NOT in our entire history made war against us. The ETs obviously have advanced energy sources which would free us from our prison of oil dependence. The ETs must have knowledge on curing cancer and other diseases. The list of benefits for humans from friendly interaction is endless. ETs are in our skies all the time already. I ask again, what do we have to lose? 

We have everything to gain! 3 cheers for the ET Cultural Center!

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